Double Glazed Windows: A Truly Green Retrofit For Your Home

Although it may sound improbable and even unpleasant, our homes are responsible for very large portion of overall CO2 emission. So responsibility for acceleration of climate change is partly on us and we should all start considering what we can do to make our homes greener and more environmentally friendly. Good news is that change doesn’t have to be big.

Because of the fact that almost third of the wasted energy from our homes goes on heating the properties, even something as simple as changing windows for the double glazed option can do wonders for you and Mother Nature, as well.

Double Glazed Windows: A Truly Green Retrofit For Your Home

How Double Glazing Impacts Heating?

There is really not that much of a science here, double glazed windows are, as the name suggests, two double panes of glass that trap air between them. That air serves as some sort of barrier to whatever tries to enteror escape your room, with heat, as the most important factor for this topic being one of them. Generated heat stays where it was meant to be – in your home, heat losses are cut by half and your bills well be reduced for 10-12%.

Limiting Condensation

During colder periods warm surfaces can form droplets out of moisture. That drops later freeze into frost and reduce temperature in the room, forcing this way people to adjust the heat and use more energy. Double glazed windows block moisture in cold weather, so they are very effective in preventing condensation from building up and also in reducing correlated need for additional heating.

Reduced Carbon Emission

As we mentioned above, our homes are very large contributor to overall carbon emission. In a recent chat with Sydney-based double glazing professionals, I found out that that share goes all the way up to 28%. Replacing single pane windows can help in lowering these numbers immensely and contribute to the fight for reducing energy losses. Barrier between two panes of glass improves sound insulation and also reduces not only carbon emission, but noise pollution.

Reduced Damage to Furnishing

So we determined that double glazed windows are preventing sun and heat from entering your room. Other than being welcomed benefit during long hot summers, this is very important in prolonging lifetime of furnishing and other things around your house that are damaged by the sun, such as carpets and furniture. And considering the fact that just the chemicals you are using to repaint furniture produce environmental impacts, this information should not be overlooked.

The Question of Price and Installation

Double Glazed Windows: A Truly Green Retrofit For Your Home

As we can see, benefits double glazed windows carry are obvious but how affordable and easy to install are they? Well, as any other thing that was considered to be a novelty when it came out, competitive market impacted them also, so I am sure you will have no trouble in finding solution that is affordable enough. Due to complexity of the work, installation should be left to professionals, but the good news is that job shouldn’t take more than two days to be completed, no matter how many windows you have.

In the end what else is there left to say than all the mentioned perks bound you to consider installing double glazed windows in your home and improved safety, which was not topic of discussion this time, should give you another gentle push in the right direction. Opportunity to make your home greener, safer, prettier and more sustainable deserves a moment of your attention.