DIVII – English Video Dictionary With A Twist Of Learning and Entertainment

What is your notion on learning English? Most of the people tend to learn a language for the sheer benefits of knowing an international language like English. Even if you are a multilinguist, you’d agree that hours long language classes and textbook learning can really be boring and dull. If learning is fun, won’t it be much easier? That is probably what the people behind the development of DIVII: English Video Dictionary had in their mind. It is an English dictionary app that provides real-life video examples against each word or phrase you use. Through video examples, the users can learn the exact usage of English words and phrases. Wondering how? Let’s see what makes DIVII a video dictionary with a twist:

DIVII - English Video Dictionary With A Twist Of Learning and Entertainment

  • Learn the exact meanings and definitions instantly: With DIVII, you can learn a lot more than just the meaning of a word/phrase. Learn the grammatical aspects of each word and phrase and get text-based examples too. You can get an idea how any specific word or phrase feature as a noun, pronoun, or adjective. A great thing about DIVII is that you can check the meanings and definitions from various native language web dictionaries integrated inside the app.
  • Create Notebooks and make Notes: You can save your searches in Notebook. DIVII lets you create several notebooks where you can save words for later. In addition to that, you can make notes against your searches. Scribble your thoughts in the Note section of the app. This is for your understanding. No more searching for pen and paper when you need to write something against a word. You can also delete and edit your notes as well as notebooks with ease. So, that makes learning with DIVII a lot more convenient.
  • Share your Notebooks and Searches: DIVII is an application that lets you share your Notebooks with other users. You can also subscribe Notebooks by other users. This exchange of vocabulary lists will enhance your knowledge. So, you do not have to try too hard to get good marks in your English exam.
  • DIVII as a pronunciation guide and memory-aid: DIVII comes with a smart pronunciation guide. Just a tap on the speaker icons beside each word or phrase will help you with the right pronunciations. You can hear the word being pronounced. Moreover, subtitled video examples let you check pronunciations and accents of the natives. As you check the subtitles while watching videos, you can follow the audio better. Moreover, the app comes with built-in memory aid in the form of Flashcards. You can check out flashcards of words/phrases saved in History or Notebooks. A quick check of the words along with pronunciations is a proven way to remember better.

One of the best things about DIVII is that you may just watch subtitled movie trailers, latest news, and game reviews even when you are not studying English with it. Learning is a continuous process with DIVII: English Video Dictionary and an English learner cannot ignore the benefit of using the app.

Author Bio: Arthur is a journalist with more than 2 years of experience. He was an ESL student once and still carries an English dictionary in the form of mobile app in his smartphone. He loves travelling and has recently splurged on an expensive camera.