Distance Learning by Video Conferencing

Distance learning is one of the educational tools that come from the internet. Students today have grown up with computer science. New technologies belong to the educational landscape. Thanks to their interactivity, they allow to maintain attention and concentration. Computer science brings a less daunting, more playful aspect of learning.

It is in this context that Supadom has developed a distance learning tool via videoconferencing and interactive session. We also offer private lessons at home for those who wish.

The Concept of Distance Learning

You exchange live with our teachers in a secure space. A computer and internet connection are sufficient.

The best video conferencing makes it possible to meet face to face the teacher and the student, wherever it is in real time (at home, on vacation, abroad, …).

Distance learning courses can be given to one, two or three students who wish to take the same course. Pricing is digressive according to the number of students.

Choose from one of our three options:

  • UNO: For private lessons only.
  • DUO: For private lessons for two students.
  • TRIO: For one-to-one tuition.
  • So you can review with one or two classmates and reduce the cost of your course.

How It works ?

The student and teacher need to:

  • A computer with an internet connection
  • An audio connection
  • A webcam
  • The course is real-time video.

Use remote screen sharing to share your screen so that both student and teacher view the explanations simultaneously as would be the case during a home course.

The uses of interactive whiteboard in education allows you to write, make graphics, write equations or draw geometric figures.

A dialog box, of the “chat” type, allows to exchange in writing with the teacher, for example to give statements.

The sessions are recorded under the personal access of the student to review and revise the course.

Benefits of Distance Learning:

  • Flexible schedules from 8am to midnight.
  • A reduced cost, pay up to 60% cheaper than a home course.
  • Recorded sessions, the student can review and revise the course several times and at any time.
  • Courses accessible to all, even for students distant geographically (province, foreign, handicap …) to maintain your pace of learning and development.
  • Save time spent traveling to take an institute course.
  • Reservation of courses online via a shared schedule between the student and the teacher.
  • Possibility to choose the frequency of the courses, to organize the courses according to your availabilities and your needs and to choose one or several subjects (s) for the same package.