Digital Security: Top Technology and Cybercrime Concerns for Business

These days, businesses have to deal with far more issues than they had to a few decades ago. Many of these problems include technology concerns and the threat of cybercrime. While these can certainly be scary for a business owner, you can protect your company from most of the risk by taking the correct precautions.

Data Backup

These days, much of a company’s competitive advantage comes from how it collects and leverages its data regarding customers, sales trends, marketing campaigns and more. However, as you may unfortunately know, data can sometimes be corrupted or destroyed. Even a simple lightning strike may be enough to erase the data stored on a company’s servers. This is why employing data backup through a cloud provider is important. If the computers in your facilities in one location are damaged, all that important data will be preserved.

Protect Your Business

These days, cyber-crime is a huge threat. Customer data, including credit card numbers, can be stolen by cyber criminals. Not only can a business’s customers be attacked this way, the aftershocks of negative PR and lawsuits could continue affecting a company’s profitability for years afterwards. If you want to protect your business against such threats, you need to have professionals on hand with the knowledge and skills necessary to secure your data and company networks. Look for an individual that has obtained an online master’s in information security or other related degree. Having a specialist working for your company can do wonders in this regard.


Malware and viruses have been a threat to businesses, and computer users overall, for years. However, recently a new even more sinister kind of malware known as ransom ware has been used to target companies. Ransomware is a kind of malware that is designed to infect a company’s servers and encrypt important data so it can no longer be accessed. This often includes important customer data and program data that allows a company to do business. To have this information unencrypted, the program will instruct the business to pay a ransom in untraceable Bitcoin.

Phishing Scams

Another common tactic implemented by cyber criminals is to launch phishing scams. In this case, a cyber-criminal gets a hold of an e-mail list of a business’s customers. Phony e-mails claiming to be that business are then sent out to those customers requesting personal information and credit card numbers. It is used as a method for fleecing a company’s customers without the criminal having to hack directly into a business’s computer systems.

Make sure you take the proper precautions to protect your business from the above threats as well as other threats that may be posed by cyber criminals and technology. Being proactive about digital security can certainly help. If you secure your computers and networks, the possibility of significant harm being done will be reduced.