Data Center Cooling For Server Rack Solutions

When installing a data center into your place of business, you need to understand the importance of implementing a cooling system as well. With all of the server racks running on top of one another, the heat can cause internal problems with the hardware, not to mention reduce the lifespan of the equipment as well. With an integrated cooling system, the server hardware is going to run at a desirable temperature, without running hot.

The exact kind of data center cooling system for your server rack is going to vary, depending on the size of the room and the amount of equipment you are using, but when you locate the right server cooling system for your place of business, you need to make sure it is up and running at the same time as your server.

Data Center Cooling For Server Rack Solutions

Room Air Conditioning System

Even if you have central air installed throughout the office, you need a separate AC unit for your data center. The data center room needs to run much cooler than the rest of the office, and chances are you do not want to spend the additional money keeping the entire office building at the desired temperature for the server, as this is just going to boost your energy consumption.

That is why you need to look into an individual room air conditioning system. The size of the individual room AC unit does change, based on the size of the room and the number of server racks you have. The more racks and hardware you have, the hotter the room is going to become, which means the AC unit has to work harder. Keep this in mind when selecting the right individual room AC system for your data server.

Ventilation Unit

One of the major problems, especially if you use a cabinet style server rack, is air circulation. While these server racks still have perforated walls, it reduces the quality of airflow around the racks and hardware. When this is the case, you need to consider purchasing a ventilation unit. This kind of unit is placed at the base of the server rack and helps circulate air throughout, which not only pushes the warm air away from the server hardware, but it also helps bring in the cool air as well.

Air Dam Foam

The Air Dam Foam does not bring in more cool air or help circulate air. Instead, it is used to basically insulate areas around the server racks where cold air might escape. With the equipment in place, the cold air stays around the hardware, so you do not need to worry about overpaying for your energy bills due to the cool air not treating the hardware.

Rack Fans

If you have hardware that runs particularly hotter than other pieces of equipment, it might help to install a rack fan directly in front of the hardware. This way, you can cool down only the areas you are having trouble with and not over pay for cooling down other areas of the server you do not need to cool down. All of these are excellent data center cooling solutions.

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