Creative Social Media Feeds Ideas To Boost Your Business

Social media has changed the way people communicate; it has become an integral part of individuals’ lives. So often, whenever people wake up, the first thing they do is check their social media accounts. And that is justified as social media provides all the needed updates to them. Whether it is related to their social circle, or recent happenings, social media is the one-stop solution.

Even for businesses, social media has emerged as a life-changer. Now they have a large audience and huge opportunities to market their brand and products. But because of such competition in the market, it becomes really necessary that businesses adapt to the strategy which makes them stand out from the crowd, and that is why we have listed 7 amazing social media feed ideas that might help you to get more user engagement and assist you in attaining more customers.

You even embed these feeds on your website as well, it will not only bring vibrancy to your website but also provide extra information to your visitors related to your brand.

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Best Social Media Feed Ideas for Brands and Businesses 

Product tutorials

How-to-tutorials videos are very popular. And these types of videos are often made in trending videos.

Other than boosting the reach of the business and social media accounts, these social media feeds often give the visitors a better understanding of the product and clarity about the brand.

Often customers get confused about the usage of the products. And therefore, they search for the videos related to it. And if you are embedding these feeds on your websites, the engagement of your website increases. 

Another hidden advantage of making these videos or embedding them on the website is that they hold the viewers. And therefore increase the web traffic (In case you are displaying them on your website)

User-generated content

User-generated content is marketing gold. It is considered an important weapon in the new age of marketing. User-generated content means when people create content mentioning your product. 

These can be of any type – for example – these can be of any type; these can be happy images of the users while using for the product, or like recent trending unboxing video of your product. One reason why unboxing videos are so popular is that these videos also provide details about the brand, which can be helpful for you.

Now, you can use this user-generated content on your social media feed. Two of the major benefits out of many are – Firstly, it humanizes the brand. Secondly, when you feature these on your social media feed, it makes the customers valued and encourages them to create more content.

And if you are embedding them on your website,  you make your users more respected, and hence it inspires them to create more content related to your business and have the regular feature. And eventually, it also increases the reach of your business because when people make content related to your brand, the social connection of that particular person also gets to know about your brand, and hence increases brand recognition.

Post content related to a trending topic

Although surprising but true, many people rely on social media platforms to stay updated with the latest news and recent topics. People always like to stay up to date with the latest topic and any content related to it attracts them. Hence, you must stay up to date with the latest happenings and posts related to the topic.

You can even use social media handles to provide the latest news and updates related to your industry or your brand to the people. Thus, it increases the engagement and attention of your audience.

Inspirational quotes

Who doesn’t like to get inspired, right? You can use your social media handle to provide some motivation and inspiration to people. Social media users tend to engage more with the posts that bring change in their life.

Additional tip: You can share the story of your brand and tell about your struggles, these types of content grab the attention of social media users and tend to relate. Or you can even share quotes and stories from celebrities. People feel connected to celebrities as they are aspirations to many and people consume anything remotely related to their favorite celebrities.


Entertainment is one of the main purposes of social media, for many, it might be the way to communicate and increase their social circle. But also there is a large percentage of people who log in to their social media accounts for entertainment. 

And as per recent trends, people really enjoy memes, as this content brings a smile to their faces and helps them to reduce their stress. Hence, sharing/producing memes from your social media handle can be very beneficial for the reach of your social media account.

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Fun Facts

And if we’re talking about entertainment, how can we forget about fun facts? Specialist of fun facts is that they provide knowledge and at the same time amaze people. In simple words, these are knowledge with entertainment.

Unique and interesting facts always give followers a reason to stop and consume these types of content and eventually keeps them engaged. And if you are using an embedding strategy, then it also brings traffic to your website as well. So it eventually increases brand recognition.

Giveaways/ Contests

One of the amazing ways to gather more audience on social media is by organizing content and giveaways. People like to compete, showcase their knowledge and win desired prizes. So, if you are planning to organize any contest, make sure you announce the prize well in advance. It will attract people and provide engagement on your website.


Social media platforms have a huge impact on business, it is a great way to attain more audience for the business, but as various businesses use the same platform with the same purpose. Therefore you need some smart ideas and plans to get an edge over your competitors and boost brand reach.