Common Recruitment Mistakes

Recruiters increasingly have to devise a more advanced digital strategy to meet the challenges in the current recruitment market. This strategy has to increase awareness of the organization’s brand, as well as reaching the best talent available, through effective digital means.

However, many industries still have not discovered the most effective digital strategy. Many just follow set patterns and do not take the initiative in investigating time, money and skills to implement the right system. They fail to research thoroughly enough, and only acquire very basic information knowledge in their quest to attract the best talent in fresh graduates. Also, they do not realize that their existing strategies need some serious amendments.

Here are some common mistakes made by recruiters.

Digital Perception

Some recruiters confuse digital consultants with IT consultant and do not hire the right experts to help them form their digital strategies. This leads to conflict, as often, consultants with strong digital knowledge do not know much about IT and vice versa.


Many businesses prefer outsourcing. Outsourcing from developing countries is quite common nowadays. This offers a huge cost advantage, but recruiters still need to make sure they are hiring the right talent.


Many senior recruiters delegate this responsibility to their juniors, rather than taking responsibility for it themselves. This can lead to confusion and lack of communication during the planning process, which is not a good idea.

Unclear Strategy

Recruiters can sometimes start working on a diverse collection of digital strategies. Following several different paths without focusing on one defined digital strategy.

Allocation of Resources

Recruiters can also make mistakes in not allocating the digital marketing budget correctly or prudently.

Common Recruitment Mistakes

Database Issues

Recruiters without the necessary technical knowledge often fail to integrate the different aspects of the new digital marketing strategy. For example, there is often a lack of integration within their databases.

Myopic Belief

In any business sector, recruiters can feel comfortable working as they are and believe that they are doing the right thing already – they do not challenge their existing strategy and so miss opportunities to develop and grow.

No Exposure to New Technologies

Many recruiters are simply unaware of new technologies entering the market. They can also be slow to embrace mobile technology and so do not see the importance of having a website that’s mobile/tablet-optimized.

No Training

Recruiters do not always train their best staff and educate them about the current best practices in digital marketing fields.

Narrow Focus

Recruiters who think that a digital strategy just involves designing the best website they can are also missing out on a lot of potential exposure online. They should think wider for better results.

Lack of Preparation

Recruiters may not respond quickly enough to the environment around them – lack of research and preparation will stop any digital marketing plans in their tracks.

No Knowledge of Analytics or Search Engine Optimization

Recruiters do not learn Google analytics, which is vital for understanding how all their digital channels are working and how successful their campaigns are proving. Likewise, many make little or no effort to learn about search engine optimization.