Cloud Based CRM Solutions Your Company Needs

Running a company is never easy. It is a real challenge because you need to control every single step and keep in mind tons of information. Regardless of the industry you are working in, control is the key to success. Luckily, in our days we have many helpful tools that can improve our productivity. CRM systems is one of the most effective instruments on the market. It stands for Customer Relationship Management. This type of software helps you to organize all chaotic information regarding your client and turn it into a structured and easily understandable file. CRM – is an interaction model based on the idea that the customer is the center of the whole business philosophy. This idea has proved its effectiveness. This gives a huge advantage against your competitors especially if they are not familiar with cloud based CRM solutions. You will be able to maintain long-term relationships with a huge amount of customers without struggling to remember each of them. You will have all the data in front of you when you need it. This makes cloud based software the most efficient tool for your business.

Cloud based CRM solutions

How does it Work?

The main principle of a CRM system is the presence of a single repository of information, in other words – customer base. Secondly, any Customer Relationship Management software uses many channels of interaction: phone calls, emails, events, registration forms on websites and so forth. The benefits of using cloud based CRM solutions include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Superior level of organization
  • 24/7 access from any place and any device

Why do you need CRM System?

If you need a short answer – profit. Many studies in this field proved that well-structured companies show a consistent growth of revenue up to 38%. This applies not only to huge corporations, but also to small and medium business. In other words, this system is suitable for every company. CRM helps you to improve your customer services by saving and keeping all information about your clients and interactions with them. It also helps you to optimize your marketing strategy and increase the sales. Information is the most powerful weapon in our days and it is vital to have it at your disposal. With the analytical functions of CRM, you will be two steps ahead of your competitors. The huge advantage of any cloud-based system is that it is not bound to physical location. This is especially convenient for companies that have branches in different cities or even countries. If your local system fails you will have your hands tied, however of your database is located on a cloud you can show consistent results in any circumstances and be sure that no matter what happens your company can continue working.

Are Cloud based CRM Solutions Safe?

Using CRM might seem a little risky. However, time shows that this tool never lets you down. Modern cloud based CRM solutions are equipped with impressive security systems that will keep your confidential information safe. Any leak of information is impossible. You can absolutely rely on this powerful instrument. Developers have invested a lot of resources into building a perfectly safe and reliable system. Multiple tests have shown that this system is almost invulnerable.

Does the System suit your Business?

One of the biggest advantages of modern CRM products is their flexibility. It can be customized to meet your personal criteria. Any person without programming skills can set the system and make it helpful. A lot of businessmen involved in all kinds of industries are already using cloud based CRM solutions to increase their efficiency. It can help you to collect all valuable data in one place for further use and analysis. You will be able to see the dynamics and respectively correct your strategy in order to reach your business objectives.

bpm'online Cloud based CRM solutions

The key to successful introduction of CRM systems is smart customization. It is hard to imagine a more flexible tool for your business. Regardless of what your business is a cloud based CRM solution will be very useful.

Is it Hard to Integrate a CRM System?

Some people might consider that introducing a new software can be quite troublesome and it is much better to manage huge chunks of customer data on countless spreadsheets. This strategy does not work in today’s highly competitive environment. If you are not using every opportunity to make your business more successful you can be sure that your competitors are. Conservatism may be good for some kind of activity; however, you need to walk hand in hand with progress and make sure that you use every tool to raise productivity and increase sales.  It takes minimum time to integrate new system in your working process. All of your employees will be capable of handling it and use for your benefit.

In addition, the main reason to introduce the new automation system is that it is absolutely worth it. More than 68% of companies experience a staggering revenue growth after first month of using CRM. One of the main specs is that cloud based CRM solutions successfully work with most popular third-party software.

According to the latest studies, more than a half of sales reps prefer to work from their smartphones and other gadgets. This also puts CRM software on the first place because you can use powerful tools, such as bpm’online from any device.

Would it Cost you a Fortune?

The good news is that it won’t break your bank. Despite the fact that it helps you to save a lot of time and money by optimizing routine work, it is also a very cost-effective instrument. Even the smallest companies can afford to introduce a cloud based CRM solutions. You need to consider the expenses not as a waste but as an investment. Successful companies invest a lot in their growth and this makes them even more successful. Optimization of the working process can help you use 100% of your existing resources and effectively ramp up the new ones.