How To Choose Bathroom Walls Theme Design

Your bathroom walls should be covered with materials which are water resist. You can use ceramic or even rubber paint which can stand by fungi and water. The combination of these can be very good to be implemented in your bathroom. The combination can be fifty-fifty percent. The upper part until the middle can be applied with the rubber paint, and the middle part until the floor is attached with the ceramic. The bathroom is always wet, choosing the anti-microbe and water resist material is very important.

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Combination for Bathroom Walls

Having this combination is very good for the bathroom walls. The water will not wet the wall because the material can cover and resist the water. If you have made decision to use the combination of this, the nest step is choosing the theme. Choosing the theme is relative. The taste of each single person will be different with others. To make it fair, you can discuss with your family member about the theme. The theme chosen should be interesting for all the family members. The theme of the bathroom can be the nature one. The nature theme can be from the green and blue color. The combination of both can also give a good result. The ceramic in the wall should give natural sensation like the green one. You can also use the ceramic which has the natural motif or pattern.

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Painting the Bathroom Walls

Now, you can choose the painting above the ceramic. You have to make sure that the bathroom paint is specified for the bathroom which has anti-microbial additives. So, there will no fungi which can grow through the bathroom walls. For the color, you can also use the brighter ones which can surely match with the ceramic. You can also combine with more than one bright color. You can make the stripped color line to make it more interesting and colorful. The stripped line can be horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal. The natural theme can really give you relaxed and fresh sensation. You have to think about the esthetic and quality about the wall in order to enhance the decoration theme of your bathroom.

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Choosing Bathroom Wall Materials

Choosing the appropriate material for your bathroom is very important. The bathroom is always wet, so you have to choose the material which cannot absorb the water. The wall will be easily fragile. The fragile wall can give the worst damage like collapsing. So, providing your wall with the best bathroom walls materials can be fully concerned. This is the idea for you who want to construct or remodel your bathroom with good quality bathroom walls materials.

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Learn the Condition of Your Bathroom First

Most of the bathroom is always in a wet condition especially the narrow one. Before having the bathroom in your house you can decide in choosing the main material construction. The main construction of is should be a cement board material. The cement board is a main material which should be covered water resist surface. The water resist surface can be ceramic wall or rubber paint. Both of them can prevent the wall from any damage or harmful thread. The common threads often found in a wet bathroom are fungi and dropped water. The fungi can be caused if the wall is not covered with the anti-microbe materials. So, the wall will always keep humidity and the wetness, which is very good to be grown by fungi. The use of ceramic or anti-microbe paint is much needed to prevent the fungi.

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Ceramic Wall

The ceramic wall is a water resist material which will prevent the water absorption. The combination of cement board and ceramic material will make the construction stay strong even in wet condition. It can also prevent the bathtub and the wall from any problem which can cause water leakage. Then, the use of anti-microbe paint can also be used as the combination upper the ceramic wall. The anti-microbe paint is very effective to prevent the wall from the growth of fungi.

These are the good material combination which can be applied to save your bathroom wall for any wet damages like fungi and leakage. The appropriate bathroom walls materials can guarantee you to gain the excellences of health, comfort, and safety.