Top 4 Features Of SmartPhone App

Android – the operating system from the search giant Google has brought about revolution and changed how humans live their life! Used extensively in smartphones, this operating system is known for its great customization and tweaking facilities. It has a plethora of apps in its market and has everything to quench your thirst for the perfect operating system. Being of Google makes sure that the mails are synched and one only needs one account for all its facilities like YouTube, maps, music, play store etc. The android play store is the perfect destination to launch an app and the real estate sector is also updating itself by launching apps for property search. is one such real estate site which has grabbed eyeballs and got rave reviews from all sorts of users. Finding new home in Bangalore has never been so easy! The app covers everything be it new residential projects in Bangalore or old properties for rent! It launched its android application and here are the reasons as to why it makes a must have property app in your phone:-

Top 4 Features Of SmartPhone App

  1. Simplicity to use: – the android app by redefines simplicity and makes property search a breeze! The android app is a very simple to use and even a kid can use it to search the property! This feature is very useful as the real estate sector is a difficult sector and it is not so easy to find the perfect property. The app’s simplicity makes this tedious task fun to do and ensures that the person does not face any problem while searching the perfect property.
  2. Picturesque: – the app is full of pictures and one would find the picture of every property.  If one is finding a new home in Bangalore, this android app will provide the picture of every house.  It also showcases the pictures of new residential projects DS MAX Sangam in Bangalore which adds jewel to the crown and attracts more people to use it. The pictures are original and genuine because they are uploaded or submitted to by the builders themselves!
  3. Easy access: – the smartphones are no less than darlings to the people! The phones are carried anywhere and everywhere from the mountain peak to the deepest valley! Presence of the app in the phone ensures that one can access and check out the properties as and when they please! One can find new residential projects in Bangalore while staying at a hotel in Hong Kong! Finding new home in Bangalore doesn’t need your presence in Bangalore! Use the app, see the pictures and visit Bangalore when some properties are shortlisted and the purchase is just a step away!
  4. Feather weighted: – the application is just 4.6mb! This ensures that the phone’s memory is not used much in the process and one has loads of memory to save the Selfies and pictures of loved ones! The app being low in size doesn’t take much of the ram and it can be accessed even by lower end phones! No more messages of low memory and lagging of the phone! The app’s size ensures that the desire of finding home in Bangalore gets fulfilled!

Thus, android is one of its kind operating system and apps like’s android app adds icing to the cake to make sure that every task on the phone is done in a snap! So install the app right now and simplify the process of finding home in Bangalore! Stay updated and do tasks in a snap!

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