Changing Your Diet With Office Fruit Can Make Your Happier

Many of us know the benefits of eating well – it can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and decrease the risk of diseases such as diabetes. But the effect on our mental health is probably one of the biggest benefits and one that is discussed less openly.

Changing Your Diet With Office Fruit Can Make Your Happier

According to the BBC (and about a million other sources as you’d expect) there’s a plethora of benefits to eating well. Increasing the amount of the right fruit in our diets, for instance, can increase the levels of zinc in our system which has had a known link with lowering depression. In this article, according to Professor Rucklidge, it’s not about “one magic food or one magic nutrient” – it’s the combination of nutrients that seems to improve mental wellbeing. She suggests “moving towards a Mediterranean-style diet, where you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, nuts and fish”.

It can be difficult to know how to change your diet and it probably is wise not to attempt to do so overnight. How about starting with just adding one piece of fruit into your daytime routine? Bringing fruit into the office can be the first step in changing your diet on the road to making you happier. Fruitful Office, an office fruit delivery company, say that in their great fruit experiment study, 81% of staff thought that having fresh fruit available at their desk had “improved their quality of life at work.” Work time makes up a big chunk of our lives, and so if you are unhappy at work, no doubt you will feel sad and down a lot of time outside of work, too. So having a better time at work can really make a difference to your overall outlook.

After you spend some time introducing fruit into your work life, rather than reaching for crisps or chocolate bars, you will begin to notice the difference in your hair, skin, nails, fatigue levels, and ultimately your overall wellbeing. You can then begin to change other parts of your diet, too. So, consider what you eat in the evening for dinner. Rather than grabbing a takeaway on the way home, why not batch cook some healthier meals in advance so that all you need to do is warm it up when you get in. You can also choose some quick meals like paella, roasted vegetable lasagne or salmon pasta to cook on the weekends. Try getting more omega 3 into your diet – this comes from fish, and mix up the vegetables you use. Remember peppers and tomatoes count as vegetables and are easy to incorporate into many different meals. Also remember to increase the amount of fluids you drink in the daytime – water predominantly. If you like warm drinks, how about considering green teas rather than coffee?

Essentially, there are many small changes you can make over time which builds into a much healthier diet. By dedicating some time to changing the way you eat and drink, you may feel that you start to feel happier, too.