Can You Detox Cigarettes From The Body?

The question is spinning through your head and you are unsure about the complete answer, new questions keep appearing and they go back and forth, or even worse, in circles. So, is it a question that has a straightforward answer. No. How to begin, when is the best moment, how long will it take, will it be permanently or not are just a couple of sub level questions  of the original one. A lot of answers needed. And, can you detox cigarettes from the body? Yes! If you wish to find out answers to those sublevel questions, without whom there is no complete answer, keep on reading.

Do not expect miracles over night. Your body and mind will react heavily. Cravings will occur immediately, followed by dizziness, nausea, nervousness and coughing, to name just a few. If you plan to quit smoking, arm yourself with strong will and patience, the longer you smoked, the more you will need. In the end, the most effective detox aid is time. You have to let your body have as much as it needs.


Immediately! Remember, time is the thing, better start spending it. Your body will promptly react and nicotine will be out of the organism within 48h. Unfortunately, other several thousand toxics will take significantly more time. Your lungs and circulation will improve in one to three weeks while kidneys and liver continue doing the work as long as it takes by constantly cleansing the blood. In about a year, your lung function is back to normal, five years later cancer and stroke risk dropped significantly and in about 15 years your risk of a heart disease will be like average non-smoker’s is. You certainly wonder if there is anything you can do to make it easier on your body. Yes, there are a couple of things.

Can You Detox Cigarettes From The Body?


Increase the intake of fresh fruit and vegetable, especially green ones. Eat regularly, small, frequent meals, if possible since they will keep your blood sugar steady thus not allowing your metabolism too slow down. You want your metabolism as fast as possible in order to lessen the cravings and not gain too much weight. Furthermore,  make sure you take enough liquid. Healthy liquid, naturally. Combination of natural water, lemonade and detox teawould be the smartest choice. There is a great variety of detox teas available. Not only they will help detox process, they will greatly improve the taste of your liquid intake. Remember, it will take a lot of time to get your organism in shape. Hydrating your body will help detoxification and also speed it up.


You can look at the detox process as a kind of competition with the toxins and cravings they induce.  Endurance competition and marathon, to be more precise. To be better at any kind of sport, let alone long distance running, you need to practice. Build up a daily exercise routine. It does not have to be anything complicated or extreme, regular walks will be a great aid. It will also be a cravings distracter. Remember, what ever you do, try to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Your lungs will appreciate it immensely, you will regain your original, non-smoking lung capacity faster. Your entire body will also benefit. Oxygen is a great detoxicator, it improves circulation and refreshes the body. Furthermore, this will increase liquid intake and speed up your metabolism too.


You must inform your doctor that you plan to quit smoking, especially if you are under any kind of treatment. There is a chance that you will have to adapt your therapy and change some of the medication.  Maybe no changes will have to be made, still, you want to be on the safe side. If you have trouble controlling cravings, perhaps joining a support group would help. It is always good to learn someone else’s experience and get some advice from experienced people.

You made the crucial step, you quitted smoking. Do not start again, under any circumstance. Remember, the rest takes time, use it wisely and make it easier and faster for your body to fully recover.