Business Process Management Software

Business process management software is a complex web platform aimed at improving a company’s performance. Contemporary BPM platforms contain hundreds of customizable web tools, which are characterized by high efficiency, user-friendly design and exceptional security standards.

BPM, which stands for Business Process Management, is a relatively new managerial concept which has, however, gained vast global popularity in thousands of companies of all scales. The concept implies introducing comprehensive business software through which all company’s activities are successfully performed – from daily calls and emails to strategic planning and financial services.

Business Process Management SoftwareContemporary business process management software provides literally innumerable opportunities for firms engaged in different business areas. Highly efficient web tools, several modes of installation, easy settings, and a comprehensive business approach make Bpm’online an incredibly convenient business web solution.

Let us study what BPM platform consists of and how it helps to optimize business processes within a company.

Main parts of BPM software

There are four basic software modules included in BPM platform:

  • Process engine. The first and foremost block, which is responsible for the whole BPM program This module enables all operations and activities within the platform, including modeling, customization, data management, decision-taking, etc.
  • Analytics and statistics. These are several powerful tools aimed at processing corporate data, identifying business opportunities and process bottlenecks.
  • Content management. Business process management software facilitates work with all kinds of corporate documents, including images, graphics, tables, etc.
  • Internal collaboration tools. With the help of this module you will be able to organize internal communication more efficiently, adding corporate forums, dynamic workspaces, message boards, etc.

The above-mentioned modules are particularly efficient in three main areas in which the majority of companies are engaged to a particular extent: marketing, sales, and service. Bpm’online ( helps unite all the three business processes on a single web platform:

  • Marketing. The multichannel software enables conducting market study, analytics, and planning. The default tools include email marketing. Business process software helps identify current consumption trends and transform them into real business opportunities.
  • Sales. With the help of BPM systems companies can manage the whole sales cycle – from launching new products and services to gathering statistical data in the end of each sales period. The system collects, analyzes and quickly displays information on sales volumes, revenues, major customers, etc.
  • Service. Online BPM software provides several cutting-edge tools for delivering great customer experience. Companies can stay in touch with their clients, offer post-sale services and send exclusive offers to the already-existing customers.

Key business advantages of BPM

Business Process Management SoftwareAs we have seen above, business process management software is a truly holistic web platform, which is suitable for absolutely all business processes within a company. In other words, BPM system is able to substitute any other web tool that a company may employ, and you will not have to think of additional business software for your business.

BPM tools are provided also in a preset form but can be customized in order to reflect business needs of a particular company. Customization is a rather simple process, which can be performed even by non-technical managers or employees.

Another advantage of business process management software is its fresh design and a user-friendly interface. The platform is intuitive, and it takes quite a little time to learn how to use it. According to the statistical data, visual parameters of BPM software are an important factor in determining employees’ satisfaction and a healthier working atmosphere in the company.

Business process management platform can be installed in various modes: on-premises, cloud, laptop and mobile. Companies normally choose the layout according to their scope of business and particular corporate needs. On-premises version is most convenient for big companies with vast office spaces, while other modes are preferred by startups and small businesses that require frequent travelling and a more flexible access to the software. Such versions do not require hiring full-time IT specialists for maintaining the equipment and the software itself.

Technical features of BPM

We have seen above that BPM software tools are extremely efficient and convenient in terms of their business and customer use. Now, let us name the major technical features that characterize BPM platforms:

  • Modification. The platform is exceptionally flexible and enables the introduction of new IT solutions by means of using numerous web services, stored procedures, etc. IT developers can also employ OData protocol, which allows for sending HTTP commands and getting responses in several formats, including JSON, XML and Atom.
  • High security standards. BPM products are protected by top-notched security technologies and data encryption solutions. The risk of sensible data leakage is reduced to zero.

Hence, business process management software provides holistic, efficient, and user-friendly web tools for corporate needs. Many entrepreneurs all over the globe have already chosen BPM platforms as the one and only corporate web service for their companies, regardless of the scope and area of conducting business.