Build Confidence With Success!

Marty Hale- one of USA’s top motivational speakers says that confidence comes from a great feeling of well-being. It is the acceptance of your mind and body. It also denotes the belief in your very own ability, experience and skills. He says that many people suffer from bouts of low confidence. They may be caused by several factors- the main ones being the fear of the future, being unhappy with personal appearance or low self- esteem, criticism, poor time management skills, failures in the past and the feeling of not being prepared. He says that the good news is confidence can be developed with the passage of time.

Again, he further adds that confidence is surely not a static measure. You may be confident in specific roles or tasks. There are some circumstances where you may feel more confident over others. He conducts several workshops across the nation and he has helped many people combat their levels of confidence with success. He gives them practical insight and knowledge so that they gradually become aware and slowly step towards new roles and tasks with confidence!

Build Confidence With Success!

Feel Valued & Important

When it comes to confidence, Mr. Hale says that confidence and self-esteem are not the same and it is important for you to know the difference between the two. It is true that both the terms are often linked however the way you feel about functions, roles and tasks reflect your levels of confidence. Self-esteem, on the other hand depicts the way that you feel about yourself. It also covers the way you think, look and whether you feel valued or important. Here, he makes an important point- people with a low self-esteem have low confidence however people with a good self esteem may also suffer from low confidence too. At the same time, he says that people with low self esteem may in certain areas be really confident!

Marty Hale says that he understands both the issues of low self esteem and confidence. Through his workshops, he ensures that people come out with their problems and with practice develop both positive self- esteem and confidence. There are confidence building workshops that he generally conducts for people of all age groups. At the same time, he also says that many businesses and corporate houses contact him for the personality development training of their employees. He gives them complete training and ensures that employees are skilled, confident and equipped at working towards the company’s goals with success!