Blog Gigs Overview

Today, a knowledge of blogging gigs, social media and knowing which is the best blog hosting platform has become a necessity in the Internet explosion of blogging. For many, blogs have superseded the seemingly infinite numbers of websites on the web.
Beside blogs themselves, different blogging styles and gigs have been generated as a result of this Internet proliferation of which some examples will be touched on below in this overview.
1- Ghost Blogging
Essentially, this style of blogging is simply “writing for hire”.A writer needing a blog post and perhaps not having the time, expertise or inclination to blog will hire a ghost blogger for a predetermined fee and claim credit for the post. The real blogger will receive the fee but no credit remaining anonymous. This common and legal practice many times forms the platform for the world of freelance blogging. The pay scale varies from mere cents per word to several dollars depending on the client’s budget and blogger’s experience.
2- Corporate Blogging
Today, corporations are using “corporate bloggers” for a broad range of reasons. Management may hire corporate bloggers for the purpose of maintaining an active company blog while not having to pilfer away regular staff from other important tasks.
Another vital aspect of corporate blogging may entail a blogger defining the company’s business goals, developing a theme or content and presenting a blog that will encourage communication between the company, its present clients and future prospects.
3- Guest Blogging
By “guest blogging” many bloggers create a network with other bloggers throughout the “blogosphere”. The aim is to have a guest blogger post to another’s blog which in turn stimulates the interests of a growing reading audience. Gradually, a steady readership and increased traffic is hopefully established by returning visitors.
There are various ways to “guest blog”; however, most common is when a blogger will make contact with a blog owner and request access to guest post to the owner’s blog. Conversely, a blog owner may even contact another blog owner and request permission to post to that blog thereby establishing blog relationships.
4- Social Blogging
Today, social networking is “where it’s at” as web-based networking interlinks blogs allowing Facebook, Linkedlin and other social networking subscribers to create online communities and interact with one another over like-minded interests.
5- Fashion Blogging
Fashion blogs are very popular specializing on virtually all fashion-related matters such as: clothing, latest trends, models and fashion shows.
6- News Blogging
News from entertainment, politics, health and most any arena form a major part of news blogging as many times bloggers are paid as news reporters to post on late-breaking news.
7- “Paid-To-Blog” Gigs
Revenue can be generated for bloggers when permitting advertisers to post ads on their blogs of their latest products or services.
The Best Blog Platform
Now let’s have a closer look at business hosting blogs – a very important aspect of these types of blogs is the platform used. At least if you want to be in control of your blog. Many times paltforms such as Blogger offer free hosting with a wide range of services. WordPress provides both its own free blog hosting site and another paid platform suitable for 3rd party sites.
The best platform by popular demand is definitely WordPress. It is a platform which provides minimum requirements such as: having PHP version 5.2.4 and MySQL version 5.0. Additionally, a profusion of plug-ins to chose from, stable up-time and reliable support 24/7 are amongst the reasons why it comes highly recommended.
Today’s serious blogger must not only possess a comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of available blogging softwares but the various types of blogging styles as well.