Best Stores To Furnish Your House

There are hundreds of furniture stores, either on line or brick and mortar businesses, that sell furniture, and finding what fits an individual or family’s budget can be a nerve-racking experience, particularly if a person is unfamiliar with furniture stores and what they have to offer.

Everyone has questions about what stores have quality furniture, the best prices or sales, or how to deal with buying furniture for a new home or even purchasing when not on a strict budget. The list is endless, but some of the information here gives furniture buyers an opportunity to look at what’s available and make decisions on purchasing furnishing for their homes.

Stores with the Best Furniture 

The following stores are known nationally and even internationally and have consistent sales both in store fronts and on line. Most offer one-stop furniture shopping as they not only sell complete furniture lines, but they carry home furnishings and accessories for every room in a home. Many offer free design consultation services and financing for new home buyers, along with other services for those on strict budgets or no budget constraints.

Ashley Furniture Home Stores

These stores offer a broad and varied assortment of affordable furniture styles in the mid-range, and they have promotional and sale prices on a regular basis as well as financing plans through individual stores. Their affordable prices, values, selections and services are second to none, which have placed Ashley as the largest furniture manufacturer in the world.


IKEA not only sells affordable, modern, smaller-scaled furniture and bedding, but they offer whole lifestyle concepts as well. IKEA caters to those who are on a strict budget, need furniture quickly and can assemble it with little effort. IKEA offers 12 to 24 months financing with fees and minimum purchase amounts.

Pottery Barn 

Pottery Barn offers upscale, high-quality, expertly crafted furniture and household items, free design services, and also carries furnishings for children and teens (Pottery Barn Kids and PB Teen). Pricing is in the higher range but sale items can offset costs. They offer discounts with first-time on line buyers and continuous clearances and sales. Financing can be arranged through a Pottery Barn credit card with 12 months special financing or 10 percent back in rewards.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

In addition to practical, comfortable, and high-end recliners and lift chairs, they offer other quality chairs, tables, lamps, rugs, sofas, sectionals, smaller couches, and sleepers. Pricing is in the mid to high range, but furniture quality is superior. They only offer financing through authorized dealerships.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel stores offers classic furniture with a modern bent along with lifestyle furnishings at medium to high price levels, though markdowns and sales save on costs. Their CB2 caters to younger urban dwellers with smaller scaled furniture and household items with somewhat lower prices, and The Land of Nod provides furniture and other items for children. Financing can be arranged through a Crate & Barrel credit card, which offers 6 months special financing or 10% back in reward dollars.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen is a classic furniture manufacturer with design centers throughout the country, which offer custom designed furniture and free design services. Pricing is high but quality is exceptional and sales are regularly offered. Furniture is divided into five unique lifestyle groupings. From elegance to more vintage selections, their furniture fits almost anyone’s taste and budget. Financing is available through an Ethan Allen Platinum Card that can be used online and at Design Centers.

The Berkshire Hathaway Furniture Division

There are a large number of quality furniture stores under this division that include storefronts throughout America, such as the Nebraska Furniture Mart, Jordan’s Furniture, R.C. Willey, and Star Furniture. Each one of these large stores carries furniture from varying sources and innumerable brands.

The huge Nebraska Furniture Mart has over 100,000 products from low, medium, to high prices, so it is easy for shoppers on or not on a budget to find just the right pieces. Credit is available as is a gift registry. Jordan’s, R.C. Willey and Star Furniture have similar inventories and are located throughout the country with high quality name brand furnishings and graduated prices.

The Dump

This furniture outlet store is found across the nation and is considered the number one outlet store for all kinds of furniture and related furnishings. They carry a huge number of closeouts, overstocks, designer samples, showroom models, cancellations, and brand new merchandise that is priced at 30,40 60 and even more off. Even famous brand names are 80 percent off retail prices. This is the furniture outlet for those on tight budgets who want name brand items at bargain basement prices.

There are no shortages of furniture stores whether through an actual store front or an online store, and furniture gazers can find just the right designs and styles that match their tastes and pocketbooks. Finding and buying furniture doesn’t have to be a stressful or over-the-top venture. With the number of choices available, and plenty of customer assistance, it’s a process that can be gotten through without a lot of hassle.

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