Best Sports To Watch On TV

The summer has already ended, and the winter is rather far – so we have some increasingly long fall evenings to spend by the fireplace. Or not – as most houses don’t have fireplaces any more. Instead we can spend time with our friends and family in front of the TV, watching our favorite series (several of my favorites have season premieres in October) or our favorite sports. Here is the list of the sports transmissions I love to watch together with my friends.

1. Hockey

One of the most entertaining sports I have ever seen, not just because of the high speed ice skating power show, but also the lots of action and drama I have the chance to witness. Despite it being a “peaceful” team sport, hockey is considered one of the most aggressive ones out there, and it is one of the most entertaining things to see with your friends – especially if there are a few six-packs at hand as well. Just avoid fighting for your team in front of the TV when you have some on board…

Best Sports To Watch On TV

2. Sumo Wrestling

Odd as it may sound, I find Sumo wrestling a very entertaining thing to watch on TV. Maybe it is because I myself am in a continuous fight against my weight, constantly trying to lose them (and they constantly refusing to go away). I love how these huge packs of elemental power clash for the victory, how they use various tactics and strategies to throw their opponents off balance, and off the tatami.

3. Poker

Although it is not considered a sport by many – yet, I must say – poker is a very entertaining thing to watch on TV, especially with friends who I spend time playing poker with on other evenings. Watching a poker championship makes you realize how much more than just a game of chance it is – the tricks and strategies used by the players to win hand after hand. Just watching the professionals play can make you a much better player, and it even has the potential to teach you a thing or two about thinking. Surely beats the latest casino games at

4. (And this is for you, guys) Beach Volleyball

I think there is no better sport to watch at a rainy afternoon than beach volleyball (especially female beach volleyball for guys), reminding you of the days of summers past, and making you wait for the next one to follow. Except if you live in California – in this case get the hell away from the TV, and head to the beach :). Just be sure not to drool on the coffee table…