Benefits Of Adopting Cloud Based Call Center Software Over Traditional Methods

Many companies operating in contact center prefer to switch to cloud call center software solutions to save on huge upfront capital costs, hidden costs, better customer relationship, and enhancing the abilities of managers to monitor and modify operations as and when needed.

It has been observed that supervision and alerts activities on premise based systems are complicated, causes delays and fails to allow business managers to take suitable measures in real-time to resolve problems. Also, recording calls in such scenarios can be quite expensive and could create problems in storing, but when cloud-based solutions are implemented, recording becomes flexible, and calls can be stored at the solution providers data centre. Let us know some more benefits of applying systems with cloud based technology.

Benefits Of Adopting Cloud Based Call Center Software Over Traditional Methods

Remove the Hardware and Streamline IT

If you operate a contact center, then for setting up a PBX system would require large capital to purchase the essential hardware and recruitment of an IT team. With the use of cloud based systems, the requirement for numerous onsite pieces of devices can be removed as all the software gets hosted in the cloud. Such removal of the hardware along with the ideal cloud based solution and simple restructuring process would help in reducing the payroll and maximize productivity.

Scalable and Flexible

There are few contact centers like collection agencies that would avail the maximum use from the flexibility and scalability features offered by a cloud-based system. Such kinds of institutions possess an operation that depends on the number of contracts to be served. If that number fluctuates then the size of the work staff also alters, in the same manner. Various jobs mentioned below are efficiently performed through successful implementation of cloud based systems:

  • Receiving and transferring calls
  • Putting callers on hold and let caller listens to some music or messages
  • Sending calls to an automated system
  • Directing calls to the right department

Morale and Call Monitoring

In order to check the effectiveness and efficiency of process operations at the contact centers, monitoring, and supervision is vital. Traditional call monitoring methods are not flexible enough to help the agents in the real time. On the other hand, cloud based systems allow for rapid and efficient redirection, which in turn helps in handling the customers more efficiently.

Cloud based solutions are also beneficial for software call center, where compliance is a big issue.  Cloud-based solutions have built in features that ensures that call centers always abide to the compliance rules in areas like DNC list maintenance, scrubbing of list and call abandonment regulations.

NewVoiceMedia offers best in class and advanced cloud based solutions with technically trained professionals that help in upgrading the capabilities and power of your call center and save a significant amount of money in the process. It implements the right software, which equips your contact center system with all necessary hi-technology features such as scalability, call monitoring, flexibility, agent morale and compliance capabilities.

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