Bedbugs Infestation and Mattresses – Know Everything About It

After a long and tiring day, all your body asks for is few hours to enjoy peaceful sleep. When you lie down on your mattress, you do not like anything to disturb you. However, if you know what lurks within the shadows of your mattress, then you definitely would think twice before sleeping on it, or even going anywhere near it.

Even though you turn your mattress upside down every 6 or 12 months once, dust and even vacuum it, there are chances that some of the stubborn bugs, especially bedbugs may not leave your mattresses.

Bedbugs Infestation and Mattresses - Know Everything About It

Here is some information about Bed Bugs.

Bedbugs – what are they

Bedbugs belong to the group of insects that are known as nocturnal insects. They mainly feed on animals and even humans, by sucking their blood. Animals such as mice and rats and even birds also serve as a food source for them.

What is their Source of Attack?

Bedbugs use clothes, mattress, luggage that were once in motels or hotel rooms, etc, as their mode of transportation. If you

  • Spend your night in a hotel room, which is infested with bedbugs
  • Sleep on the mattress that is infested with bedbugs
  • Go to movie theatres whose seats are actually home for bedbugs
  • Dorm rooms and apartments

Then the chances of you carrying bedbugs back to your home or apartment are quite high. They usually reside in dark areas and attack when you are asleep.

Do they transmit any Type of Disease?

Well, according to the studies that are conducted so far, it has been concluded that bedbugs do not act as the carriers of any disease.

How to Counteract the Issue of Bedbug in your Home

It is quite difficult to follow DIY procedures and stay assured that your house has gotten rid of bedbugs. Hence, in order to counteract this issue, it is suggested to hire a well known pest control services in your locality. They will first analyze the condition of the manifestation and come up with excellent game plan that can get rid of all bugs even the larva.

How to Prevent Bedbug problem

There are many measures that can help you get rid of the issue from the root. Some are listed below.

  • Get rid of clutters. The more the availability of dark places to hide for bugs, the difficult it will be to get rid of the problem. Hence, make your home clutter free zone and enjoy bug-free life.
  • Thoroughly investigate the furniture, mattress, beds, couches, etc, and everything else that are either older or second-hand inheritance. You can take help from the pest control services in doing so.
  • Cover your mattress with padded covers.

Are there any Chances of Bedbug Attacks from Newly Purchased Mattresses?

The answer to this question purely lies on the type of shops that you choose to buy mattress from. The well known mattress stores San Diego all around the globe will keep their products packed until they are sold, and hence reduce or even completely remove the chances of bedbug infestation.

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