Beautiful Designs Of Bathroom Sink Fixtures

Whether you are planning on a large scale bathroom remodeling or a small scale remodeling, if it involves upgrading or changing of bathroom sinks, you’ll need professional help. This is because bathroom sink installation and selection requires a plan, a budget and professional advice. Let’s have a look at the two basic designs of bathroom sink fixtures.

modern bathroom sinks

1. Vanity Sink Arrangement

This type of fixture is simply a sink on the top of a vanity unit. Interesting thing about this type of fixture is that you can personalize the fixture according to your personal choice. This way, you can create a unique theme in your bathroom if you wish. There are too many different styles and designs to choose from but ultimately it comes down to your personal choice. This type of unit mainly serves for two purposes: storage and hiding pipes. So, if you need more storage space in your bathroom, you might want to choose this type of vanity sink.

concrete bathroom sinks

2. Pedestal Sink

It is an exact opposite of a vanity sink because it does not hide the piping. It is attached to the wall with one or two brackets. All the plumbing behind this type of sink is exposed. If you are doing bathroom remodeling yourself, you might want to choose this one because it is probably the easiest sink to install. Also, this sink is ideal to be used in small bathrooms where there is less space available for vanity sinks or other storage units.

pedestal bathroom sink

3. Shape of Bathroom Sink

Another important thing that you need to get into close consideration is the shape of sink. The standard and the most popular shape are oval. However, if you want to give your bathroom a more original look, you can choose any shape you want. In order to make the bathroom sink stand out, go for the square sinks.

bowl shaped bathroom sink

bathroom sink shapes

rustic bathroom sinks

concrete guest bathroom sinks

contemporary bathroom sinks

bathroom sinks round

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