Aussie Fire Pumps – Which Ones Are the Best

Aussie fire fighting pumps are great pumps as they are durable, lightweight and portable. They are high pressure and the features as well as the performance of these pumps are much better than any of the other fire fighting pumps. These pumps come in different ranges of 2” as well as 3” and allow for flows up to 510 liters per minute and heads up to 98 meters.

Aussie Fire pumps are used for various purposes.

aussie fire pumps melbourne
Aussie Fire Pumps

Applications of the pumps

  1. The pumps are used for fire fighting
  2. The pumps are used for fire protection as well as mop ups
  3. They are used for water transfer under high pressure
  4. They are used during spray irrigation
  5. The pumps are used also in transfer of diesel fuel
  6. The pumps are used in spraying under high pressure
  7. Boom spraying is another usage of the pumps as well as wash downs.

Aussie Fire Fighting pumps have a 5-year warranty of the pump, it offers self priming which is fast and the petrol editions of these pumps have Honda Engines. There are diesel engine options which are provided as well.

Aussie Fire Pumps
Aussie Fire Pumps

The technical specifications of the fire pump:

The Aussie Fire Chief consists of metal caps and chains with suction flange which are separate as well as which can be replaced. The suction port is huge at 2”.

  • The pump is fitted with a belly body which is large and which relates to fast priming which can be achieved. The drainage plug is immense as well. The Aussie Fire chief is mounted with skids which are made of steel and they are mounted on anti vibration mounts.
  • The impellerin is the biggest in the market and it exceeds the competition by being 2.5 times heavier. This translates to more pressure as well as water. The warranty of this pump is 5 years and the diameter is huge at 7 ½ inches.
  • The motor used for this pump is the GX Series of 5.5 horse power Honda engine. These pumps have twin impellers and are the best lightweight high pressure pumps which are portable. These pumps have a head of 75 meters at the maximum and the flow is 450 at the maximum.
  • The pump self primes to 7.6 metres and the discharge ports are 2 inches by 1 inch as well as 1 inch by 1 ½ inches. With the pump one can opt to have spike protection of the pressure relief valve. This valve is used instead of the plug which is used for priming.

Features of the Aussie Mr T Twin Impeller pump:

The other Aussie Fire Pump which is a great product is the Aussie Mr T Twin Impeller. This pump is a high pressure pump.

  • The head is 90 metres and it has a flow of 450 litres per minute. The inlet which is 2” allows more water to enter. The belly body which is huge helps in fast priming. This pump comes with a free warranty of 5 years and it comes with a roll frame free as well.
  • This frame has anti vibration mounts. The pump is made of marine aluminum of high grade.  This pump is useful for irrigation, firefighting as well as transfer of water which is under high pressure. The salient features of this pump are that it has a bigger engine, the suction port is larger and the closed impellers are immense and as they are made of a single piece, they give better performance.
  • The discharge port of 2” decreases the amount of friction.  This discharge port however is optional to purchase.

These Aussie Brigade Boss pumps allow for high flow of water at high pressures and the self priming is fast and from 8 metres. When you buy Aussie Fire Pumps, they should always be bought from reputed dealers or pump manufacturers.