Are You Delivering Your First Video Lecture….? Make A Note Of These Points

If we have to name a few elements which are transforming the educational system to a new dimension, undoubtedly, lecture recording is worth mentioning. These recorded lectures are made available to the students through various videos. Since the implementation of this system in various universities, it has benefitted numerous students all over the world. The orthodox teaching methods may not always work in case of recorded videos. To achieve a good quality recorded lecture, the lecturer has to take a few precautions. We list them out here under:

Choose your outfit wisely:

Since you have to appear on the camera, the way you look should be concerned. It is suggested to stick to solid colors as it can catch your attention easily. However, your costume should never look dominating. If not, there are good chances that it can out power your lecture. Also, never prefer to wear black or white outfits. The black outfit can create shadows over your face and also can make you look aged. You skin might look washed out in a white costume. Jewel tones can bring out a good on screen appearance for you.

Are You Delivering Your First Video Lecture….? Make A Note Of These Points

Never run out of Camera’s vision:

A lecture recorder has a limited area of vision and you have to make sure that you stay in that field. One simple technique to achieve this is to make a spot on the floor and confine your movement in and around that spot while delivering the lecture. You can also choose to use the painter’s tape for this purpose. If you wish to have enhanced freedom while teaching, we suggest you to get a device which has a wide angle.

Prefer a wireless microphone:

If the classroom is a small one, you don’t require an additional set of microphones as the inbuilt microphones of the recorder can do the job. However, while recording in a large classroom, it is mandatory to make use of a wireless microphone. Ignoring this aspect would result in a low quality audio of the recordings.

Repeat questions:

Despite using microphone in lecture capture, often the in-class questions can’t be recorded correctly. Every time you ask a question make sure to be loud and clear. Repeat the question so that the online viewers can easily understand.

Using the board:

While using a white board or a chalk board, you should consider a few additional aspects. The online viewers should be able to know what’s written on the board clearly. They are many problems encountered if you use only a single camera to capture the lecture. The image of the board can be blurred and presence of overhead lights can create glaze. It is suggested to employ another camera which is dedicated for the board. Such a lecture capture system can help the viewers to have an eye on the board and on the lecturer.

The lecturer should have a complete knowledge of the techniques involved in this system. He/she should ensure to bring in the perfect equipment for recording the video. For this purpose all the prior requirements has to be discussed with the provider and their suggestions have to be considered strongly.

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