Android vs. iOS: Who Is Better?

2008 become historical year of the mobile tech development where the first Android phone showed up. One year later, iPhone make the entrance and directly confront Google in mobile market. Those two big players dominate the market share until now. Nowadays, people are locked down by two choices whether Android or iOS.

It has been nine years since Steve Job go public introducing the first iPhone. Now, both Android and iOS have more and more resemblances. Moreover, both of them are sharing features in order to create a better user experience for the customers. Now, the basic and the essential elements are heading to the same direction including app permission, web browsing, notification, etc.

But the big difference is still there. Of course some factors need to be distinguished between two major players for market variety. The biggest factor is the visual. Android have a lot of customizable launchers, apps, and widgets. While iOS stick to its exclusivity. In addition, Android is more versatile for the user as they can customize the display as they wish.

Inside the Android and iOS

Everything in your phone is backed up in the cloud. It’s not literally cloud but some kind of storage system. Android have Google Drive as their main cloud storage system. On the other hand, iOS back up the data in iCloud. Everything in the phone is not a sole survivor anymore. All of them are synced with each other to avoid the data loss. It synced with the web, desktop, or the cloud. You can choose yourself which one you wish to keep. It’s the best to keep the important file safe in the vault. For a light game to killing time, maybe it’s not a necessary. But it’s all up to your call for sure.

Another major difference is the apps bonding. Apple’s apps are tied together with the system. In other words, the apps update is always come with the OS update as well. Thing is different in Android where there are a lot of apps from the third party and each of them have their own update. In this case, Google is better remembering some of the top iOS apps created from Google.

But when it come to the synchronization, iOS product is better. IOS user can easily send and receive the file anytime and anywhere. Most of the iOS users this feature is the best that make them fall in love with Apple.

Nowadays, cross platform apps become the next big thing in mobile tech. Google admitted that they are happy if the customers use their apps regarding the platform they use. On the other hand, Apple wants to keep the exclusive image by force you to use both of their device and apps. In the end, Android is more flexible than Apple. However, if you seek exclusiveness, Apple is the best. Most of the experts believe that these two major powers will have brighter future for years to come.