Advantages Of Leasing Over Buying An Office Printer

A printer is a key component in any office. Today’s printers are multi-purpose and they can print, fax and scan important documents in the office. With advanced technology, the cost of purchasing a printer has also gone up. While most companies can afford to purchase a new printer, it is much more beneficial to lease one than buy one. Here are some of the reasons why we recommend leasing printers.

No tied-up capital

When buying a printer, you will often be required to pay a down payment. This working capital is then tied-up, which you could have used for other office operations. The best thing with leasing a printer is that there is no down payment required. All you need is a leasing agreement where you will pay a monthly payment for the lease.

Keep up with technology

Technology is evolving so fast. Current printer technology may well advance within a year or so. It would be very expensive to try and keep up with this technology by buying a printer, as you may need to purchase a new printer every year. However, you can keep up with the latest technology by choosing one of the many options for printer leasing Reading offers. When a new technology arises, all you need is to lease the latest printer. Leasing a printer ensures that you have the most advanced technology in your office at all times.

No burden of disposal

In the past, disposal of office equipment was as simple as putting it out with the garbage. However, it is now a long process to dispose of a printer. First, you need to meet the long list of regulations for the safe disposal of IT equipment in Reading. The process is not only long but also costly. By leasing a printer, you shift this burden to the leasing company.

Tax burden

Printer leasing monthly payments are usually recorded as monthly expenses. This amount is usually deducted as an operating expense when calculating your taxable profit. This is a saving, contrary to when you buy a printer and it is recorded as an asset.

No maintenance costs

Leasing a printer eliminates repair and maintenance costs. Once leased, the lessor will take care of these issues. Besides providing you with an advanced printer, the monthly lease amount also covers month supply of consumables such as toner, paper, and ink. Leasing a printer guarantees optimum service delivery. In case of any problem with the printer, the lessor will provide a professional technician within the shortest time possible.

There are great advantages related to leasing a printer. It is evident that leasing is a stress-free, cheap and convenient option to own a printer. Make sure that you lease a printer from a reputable and professional printer leasing company. It is also recommended that you discuss the monthly lease payment before signing the lease agreement.