Advantages Of Different Types Of Siding

It’s easy to add beautiful color, texture, and definition to your home by installing siding. There are so many options that one is sure to be perfect for the design and style of your home. Look first at a product’s durability factors, its ability to resist water, the ease of installation, and its versatility. Some of the newer trends include mixing more than one siding material on a house, especially when highlighting an entry. The use of brick or stone siding for the lower portion of the home with vinyl on the upper is also gaining in popularity. Siding also provides protection for the structure of your home and insulation to save on energy use.

Vinyl Siding

According to Allied Siding and Windows, the most popular siding material in the United States is vinyl. It’s the least expensive, easy to maintain, and very versatile. The variety of styles and the number of colors available make it easy to understand why vinyl is so popular. Technology improvements of the past few years has contributed to dramatic changes in the product, and insulated vinyl siding is available that is saving homeowners money by reducing energy costs.

Red Cedar and Redwood Shakes

This very attractive wood siding comes in clapboard, shakes, and shingles. It is susceptible to insect and rodent attacks, and needs maintenance to resist weather damage. If you take care of it properly, your wood siding can last decades. It is often used to side the lower level of a home up to the windows, and then your favorite color of vinyl is installed of the upper half of the house. Painting, staining, or chalking are the most common methods of maintenance for wood siding.

Brick Siding

According to HGTV, colonial and English Tudor style homes look beautiful when brick siding is applied. It has been tradition for hundreds of years and can last the life of your home. Modern brick siding is genuine brick made from fired clay, but it is a veneer constructed on the outside of the home’s wood structure. It is applied with mortar. A waterproof membrane is placed between the home structure and the brick veneers to prevent water from seeping in. The membrane also adds an additional insulation factor that helps reduce energy usage.

Your home can be beautiful and show your personality with one of the many modern and beautiful siding products available today.