Advantages and Disadvantages of Call Center Jobs

The call center agent is a person that works in any call center. The job involves offering customer service to the company that you represent through a computer or telephone. Working in a call center has advantages and a few disadvantages which should be considered before deciding whether the occupation is right for you or not.

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Advantages of Call Center Jobs

The health and life insurance

These are other benefits that you can get while working in any call center. Your family will also be included as the beneficiaries in such insurance plans. Reimbursements for tuition fee are also available for students. Additional perks such as appraisals, grocery discounts and free gym membership are as well offered to employees that have served the company for six or more months.

Promotion within a short time period

In case you are a team player who efficiently handles tasks and customers well, then you can be promoted as soon as three months in the job. You can even get a commission in addition to your salary in case you are handling the sales calls.

Learning objection handling techniques

Free training offered by the call center companies is another benefit. This could be an opportunity for you to develop your communication skills and how to handle customers irrespective of their moods: angry or happy. Another skill you can learn is multitasking. Call centers have employees from varying backgrounds and so you get a chance to interact while working with such people. You can learn while you make friends with them.

Disadvantages of Call Center Jobs

Difficult Working Conditions

The work at a call center does not suit everybody. Employees at call centers should be able to multitask using a computer and a telephone simultaneously, and also think quickly. Most call center operators use the headphone system in place of the telephone receiver to enable them type efficiently.

Long working hours

Employment hours at call centers are typically long or one may be forced to work in a given shift pattern that is unsociable. Large call centers are often open for 24 hours every day. Although you may get used to a given shift pattern, it may be quite challenging to accommodate frequent changes in the shift or the employer expecting you to do overtime work within a short notice.


Any work in the call center is definitely not meant for those with difficulties in concentrating on the noisy conditions. Around 50 staff will be with you inside that very room. You might as well be forced to contend with the unending telephone ringing sounds.

Handling Customers

The setup of a call center to take complaints from the general public is a major drawback of being employed there. This implies that you must maintain an efficient and calm disposition during the entire shift regardless of how angry or obnoxious the fellow you are dealing with over the phone is.

Low monetary compensation

Since the call center jobs only require mastery of computer applications and good communication skills, the salary of people working in this field is often low. However, the remuneration depends on the location. For instance, call centre jobs in Sydney are a bit lucrative.