Added Income: 5 Best New Careers For Busy Mothers

If you’re a busy mother who is looking for some ways to add extra cash to your family’s income stream, there are several options ranging from online work to work that gets you out in front of people.

Depending on your goals and the type of work you want to do, there are various career opportunities for mothers who want to succeed. Finding a career that is meaningful and pays the bills isn’t always easy, but it’s possible to enter into a rewarding career with the right resources.

Write a Book

With the advent of the eBook, virtually anybody can get into the field and begin making a bit of residual income. While it’s unlikely that selling an eBook will make you rich, it can help to boost your reputation and profile online. Aim to get your eBook listed in the Amazon Kindle Publishing Program, as well as with competitors like Nook.

Learn as much as you can about the eBook industry and create a book based on your knowledge and experience. There is a market for useful books that help others fulfill a need. While most fiction books will sell for $3.00 or less, nonfiction books can be sold at a higher rate since they can be used repeatedly by customers and can cause a real change in a reader’s life.

Start Writing for Money

There are many online sites that will pay you to write articles for a living. Guru, UpWork and TextBroker are a few companies that pay you to write articles or perform services. While there is a bit of a learning curve with all of these sites, these are good websites to help bolster your income while you’re building your career.

Many individuals have lucrative careers using these companies, but you should use these sites as a stepping stone to help bring in income while you’re building your own career. Just be careful to avoid violating any of the terms of service by circumventing these systems to recruit customers.

Sell Established Products

Before you venture out into the world to start a career, you’re going to want to build a network that allows you to recruit customers. While you can try to create your own product or service, you can find established products and services that people are already using.

This gives you the benefit of selling services and products that already have a substantial following, and it limits the risk associated with stocking your own products. Eventually, once you have the knowledge needed to sell your products, you’ll be able to venture out and sell your own products or services.

Build a Network

It’s also important you begin to build your network on sites like LinkedIn. These sites can help you make contacts, and recruiters will often browse through the network to find people who they can hire. If you’re building your network, consider contacting old teachers and friends and explain that you’re entering the job market. You’ll be surprised by how many people can help you get connected and help you launch your next career.

Don’t be afraid to send a request to anybody you have talked with, no matter how long ago it was. LinkedIn doesn’t provide the same benefit as people who you talk with regularly, but it can help you get noticed by potential clients and agencies that are looking to hire new employees.

Consider Real Estate

Getting into real estate offers a lucrative way to make some money and make an impact on people who are looking for a new home. There are various websites and companies such as Success Path BBB that can help you get your foot in the door, and you can learn some of the best tips for getting into real estate from blogs and websites.

Seminars are a great way to make connections and build your LinkedIn network. Make business cards and pass them out when you meet new people at seminars. Don’t pass out your cards randomly. Make an impression and start up a conversation with the people you meet. Once you’ve established a relationship, hand them your card and encourage them to connect with you via LinkedIn. This is a great way to build your list of contacts.

Working at home or getting out in the real world to earn a living is a great way to experience life and add something different to your routine. As a busy mother, it’s easy to get wrapped up into the responsibilities of motherhood and neglect your own needs. Make it a priority now to begin building a career that leaves room for you to raise your family as well. The rewards are well worth the sacrifices, and you’ll be able to develop a career that you can be proud of by taking the first steps today.