ACLS and PALS Certifications: Importance and Inevitability

When any person takes the responsibility of another person’s survival, appropriate knowledge and necessary certification are the first things that prove the capability of managing the situation of the former. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) are such certifications, which ensure that the healthcare provider is learned and trained enough to handle different types of medical emergencies.

ACLS and PALS Certifications: Importance and Inevitability

ACLS is a part of Basic Life Support (BLS). To be more precise, it can be said that ACLS is the next step of BLS. ACLS certification ensures that the healthcare provider is capable of providing necessary treatment to patients with critical health conditions. American Health Association was the first one to publish its guidelines in 1974 and since then advancements in the same are introduced with every passing year.

Similar to ACLS, PALS certification is also crucial to acquire for healthcare providers. For sure, every parent desires to acquire necessary knowledge about the basics of providing life sustenance, but at times it is crucial to consult professionally trained and certified healthcare providers.

This is because when it comes to providing medical treatment, there are numerous things which need to be kept in mind, especially if it is about treating a patient on urgent basis. ACLS and PALS certification ensures that the appropriate medical attention is provided to individuals in urgent situations.

Main Goals of ACLS and PALS:

Both, ACLS and PALS ensure that the oxygen flow to the brain and lungs is never disturbed during the treatment. The participants who have acquired these certifications will also be skilled enough to make sure that the airway of the patient is clear. Furthermore, they will be able to initiate the IV access, read and understand electrocardiograms, etc.

Nevertheless, the main purpose of these certifications is to make sure the patient keeps on breathing even when latest medical devices are not accessible. At times, it is also required for the healthcare provider to administer drugs to stabilize the patient’s condition.

Who needs ACLS and PALS Certification?

ACLS certification San Diego is necessary for all types of healthcare professionals like – paramedics, EMTs, physicians, nurses, mid-level providers, etc. On the other hand, depending on your job requirements, you might also necessarily need to acquire PALS certification. Nevertheless, if you work in such a medical facility where patients of all age groups are treated, acquiring certification in both, ACLS and PALS is inevitable.

Acquiring Certification:

Acquiring ACLS and PALS certification is not a very difficult task. Mostly, the classes are for two days and after completing the classes, participants have to appear for examination. As per your preference, you can choose to either take up online or offline classes.  Individuals who are professionally involved in medicine and health care usually prefer taking offline classes.

Fortunately, taking classes and acquiring ACLS and PALS certification is also available for those who are not in medicine or healthcare field. The individuals take up these classes for their own good. If such willing individuals are not able to accommodate the schedule of classes in their work routine, they can also obtain certification as well as recertification online.

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