A World Class Garden Destination

If there is one worthy place to visit in Georgia, it is the Gibbs Gardens. Owned and maintained by Jim Gibbs, these gardens have only been available to the public since 2012. Before that, people could only experience the Gibbs Gardens if they were lucky enough to be invited by the owner for a private viewing. Now, this horticultural haven is open to the public from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

What to Expect

The Gibbs Gardens marry the wonders of nature and human talent. These gardens include plants that occur naturally in the area (like the ferns), and flowers and trees which have been cultivated by Gibbs and his team to provide a more polished finish to the landscape. There are four specialized gardens in the 220 acre property. They are the Japanese Gardens, the Water Lily Gardens, the Daffodil Gardens and the Manor House Gardens. These gardens are the finest ones you’ll see in the country, and this is largely because Jim Gibbs travelled for 15 years just to design the landscapes you’ll be seeing here.

How Often to Visit

If you come here in the Spring, you will probably witness all the flowers in bloom. The Gibbs Gardens should by a bright spectrum of colors at this time of the year. However, fall, summer, and even winter have so much to offer as well. It is recommended that you visit the garden every three weeks, or plan your visit so that your favorite plants are in full bloom. Most Georgians avail of the 4-season passes which allow them to enter the garden at any day within the 365-day-period of their pass’s lifespan to enjoy the pristine garden. This way, they get to have access, also, to gardens which are only open during specific seasons.

On Taking Photos

Guests are encouraged to take random photos of the landscapes in the Gibbs Gardens. However, stages photography sessions are not allowed. This is largely because Gibbs and his team would like the gardens to remain intact. Heavy equipment for staged photography can certainly trample on the landscape, ruining the garden experience for everyone else. In the same light, littering and bringing in outside food and drinks (except for water) is prohibited. Pets and other animals (unless they are service animals) are also not allowed. Again, this is to preserve the garden experience for everyone else.


This with disabilities could view the garden because the pathways were designed to be wheelchair accessible. However, when heavy rains occur, the pathways can be soft and spongy and could not accommodate wheelchairs. This is the reason why individuals in wheelchairs are advised to visit during the summer when the surfaces of the gardens are dry and safe to traverse on wheels. The pathways are also safe enough for small children to walk on as long as there were no rains.

Where to Eat

The property houses the Arbor Café which serves delectable Continental food. Picnics are not allowed in the gardens as this could pose a littering problem. However, guests may enjoy a very good lunch with friends and family if they go to the Arbor Café.

Whether you are coming from half across the globe or from another city in the U.S., Gibbs Gardens will be a world class garden that must be on your list of destinations.