A To Z Of Garage Door: Beginner’s Guide

A garage door is not only installed in your house, but it can be installed in places like factories, warehouses, and other places where you keep your valuables. A modern garage door opener is very easy to use and serves a greater purpose. It is designed in such a way that you don’t need to get out of your car or go out into the sun/snow just to open the garage door. It is an ideal place to turn into a gym or playroom for your spouse, or host your garage sale in. Also, it is even good and safe to keep your valuables stored there if you do not intend to park your car in the shade.

Let us come to the basics of the garage door. What is a garage door? Well, in layman terms, a garage door is a gateway to your garage. Technically it is just about right, but there are several other things that are closely associated with a garage door that need to be understood as well. Like what’s a garage door opener? How does it work? Are there any variants of the garage door? And so on.

Let us take one question at a time in order to answer the issue at hand. A Garage door is a remote controlled device, which opens or closes with the help of a motor.

The drive system of a garage door is dependent on the motor installed in the system. This motor decides the speed and time it takes the garage door to open or close. The new variants of the garage doors are noiseless, and the speed varies greatly, but the standard 7 inches/sec is ideal to open or close the garage door.

Types of Motors

The motor of a garage door is operated in 3 different ways

Chain Drive Opener

It is usually used in homes. It is cheaper compared to other variants available. It works like a cycle, the chain that is attached to the motor rotates. Just like a cycle moves forward due to the movement of the chain in the spike attached to the pedal, similarly the door opens.

Belt Drive Opener

They use metal rubber instead of the chain. The mechanism of the belt drive is similar to that of the chain drive. It is more heavy and durable. It is usually used in the garage doors of Warehouses and factories. Due to the simple fact that the doors are heavy and because of the belt, it is able to deliver more power to the door. Also, there is very less energy wasted in opening due to the absence of friction in the movement of the belt.

Screw Drive Opener

This type of garage door opener system can be installed by you as well. It is extremely cheap and requires the least amount of maintenance. The long metal rod is out, and all the motor has to do is to rotate it to lift the door. However, because of the security issues, this opener is generally avoided.

The variants of garage doors are dependent on their use and availability of space. If you intend to buy a garage door, then you must first set your priorities straight and then search for the best garage door hardware accordingly.