A Poor Workman Blames His Tools

There are numerous things on this good world that are worse than excuses, but we can say without any doubt that only few of them are more irritating. Starting with the early childhood and the innocent phrase “The teacher hates me”, this bad habit becomes worse and worse as the time goes by, and it is something that no self-respectful workmen should allow himself. So, if you want to distance yourself from the tool-blaming bunch be sure to do your homework, learn more about the right tools, and avoid the mistakes which would cause all those unpleasant excuses in the first place.


One of the simplest garden tools, rakes are usually used to get fallen leaves out of the garden and collect debris at one place. Although its usage seems pretty self-explanatory there are still a few different types of rakes you should pay attention to. For example, if your garden is filled with plants and flowers, narrower rake will help you navigate more easily through this maze. Wide rake, on the other side, will help you to collect more leaves on plain surfaces. Heavy metal rakes will allow you to smooth out newly tilled garden more efficiently. Get all of these types so you can tackle all of these duties properly and make sure that rakes have ergonomic handles, so they do not cause a pain in your back.

A Poor Workman Blames His ToolsHoes

Another ancient gardening tool, hoes are the weeds’ worst enemy, but they can also be used to break up soil. These activities offer less variation than you would expect, so regular rolled steel should be your blade-of-choice. If you want to reach narrower spaces between plants, get few smaller blades, too.


The difference between good pruner and the bad pruner is that the first one will allow you to make cleaner cut on your plants without tearing them in the process, so you should really get the best pruner available. Keep in mind that they tend to be pricey so choose the ones with the replaceable parts and the blades that can be sharpened from time to time.


Essentially, trowels are used in situations when hoes are neither suitable, nor sophisticated enough. Choose the ones with steel blades and ergonomic rubber handles which will relieve stress from your joints. Wider blades are more suitable for removing the larger quantities of soil much faster, while the narrow blades are better suited for digging. As with the rakes, be sure to have them all in your tool box.

Cans and Hoses

Watering is one of the essential gardening duties without whom all of your other efforts would amount to nothing. Therefore, you will need a good watering can that balances well in your hand. Larger cans are obviously better, but if they are exceeding your strength limit you will just hurt yourself. As for the hoses, they will make your life much easier, but they are not as precise as the cans, so you are running a risk of leaving your plants wet, which is not good by any means. If you are to use one, choose the rubber variety because it is very durable, yet very easy to use.

Tools are made to get the job done. Every well-equipped household should have separated room with appropriate tools, claim experts from Rapid Spray. Having in mind all of this, you should really check your garage and basement and make sure that nothing’s missing.

Now that you know which tools are the best for which particular task, you will not have any excuse if your make a few gardening missteps, but the good news is that now you will make less of them in the first place. So be the good workmen, learn about your tools and leave the excuses for the others.