A Brief Introduction To Pre-Paid Phone Cards

In this article we explain what a pre-paid phone card is and then look at some of their advantages. Finally we briefly explain how the phone card industry works.

What Is A Phone Card?

A pre-paid phone card allows you to pay for phone time in advance and can be purchased in fixed increments such as 5, 10, 20 and so on. They are particularly attractive to customers who need to make regular international calls. To use your phone card you first dial a free phone number and then enter your unique PIN number. You are then able to make calls at a discounted rate.

Many providers, offer deals involving free calls, for example, if you purchase a 20 card it may be charged with 25 credit.

A Brief Introduction To Pre-Paid Phone Cards

What Are The Advantages Of Phone Cards?

The biggest advantage of a phone card is its convenience. It can be used anywhere at any time. Because the initial number that is dialled is free of charge they can be used from public payphones as well as hotel rooms, the office and home.

The best providers are able to offer a Call Calculator into which you enter your call requirements and which will calculate the best deal for your specific circumstances.

Phone cards are great for travellers who need to call home or make calls within the country they are visiting without incurring expensive mobile phone roaming costs.

Another big draw is that phone cards can be purchased online from suppliers. Rather than waiting for a card to arrive in the post you are simply issued an access number and so can start to make calls immediately. Phone cards can also be bought from a range of convenient outlets such as newsagents, post offices and general stores.

Phone cards generally offer a discounted rate on international calls which makes them very popular with people who are working in the UK and need to call home regularly. Some providers are able to offer discounts of up to 97% on overseas calls.

Because calls are paid for in advance, you know exactly how much you are spending on calls which are great for those on a tight budget. Every time you make a call you receive an update of your balance of remaining phone time.

Some phone cards are issued with expiry dates and others include a flat fee that is added to each call. For the best deals with no hidden costs, use a reputable provider of phone cards.

How Do Phone Cards Work?

The phone card industry in the UK is already huge and is growing all the time. Pre-paid phone time is increasingly popular due to the current economic down time (people are more budget-conscious) and because of increased immigration into the UK (there are more people needing cheap international calls).

Phone card providers such as planetphonecards.com purchase large quantities of telephone time at a discounted wholesale rate. This allows them to pass these savings on to individual users whilst still making a small profit.