7 Things to Do Before Bringing Our Computer to a Technician

No one likes to fix their computer, even if they ask professionals to do it for them. Whether haul the computer to repair shop or call technician to our house, we should perform a number of check-ups. These simple steps should save us a lot of time and we may actually don’t need the help of computer technicians:

  1. Restart the computer: Many people rarely turn off their computers. It means that their computers can be turn on for almost the whole day and switched off only at night. It’s the same with laving our car idling for an entire day. Once we have opened and closed multiple programs, there could be some issues that appear. Many computer problems can be solved immediately by restarting our PC.
  1. Make sure that the computer is turned on: This may sound like a stale joke, but many uninformed computer users may not know that their computers are not switched on yet. Press the power button to see whether the computer runs normally.
  1. Check whether everything is connected: Computers have lots of wires and cables. Keyboard, mouse, modem, monitor, power and other cables are needed to make sure that our computer is switched on properly. We may accidentally nudge our computer and something comes loose. It is important to make sure that all cables are where they should be. This simple step should help us to avoid a lot of problems.
  1. Check manufacturer’s warranty: If we still have a valid manufacturer’s warranty, it is possible that all repairs will be covered. If we have just purchased the computer within the last one year, we could be sure that any repairs will be covered. Sometimes, we would need to send our laptop or desktop PC and let the technician to take care of the rest. However, it would be much more convenient if our computer can be repaired locally.
  1. Backup our data: We should know that it is possible for us to lose our data, during the repair task. There could be very crucial if we have highly sensitive information in our computer. Sometimes, the technician would need to reinstall the operating system and when he does that, the partition would need to be erased to ensure cleaner installation. When the technician needs to do this, he may or may not ask whether we have backed up our data. External hard drives are excellent storage option to back up our data. If we don’t have them, we may also use DVD or Blu-Ray. Often, a USB flash drive isn’t enough to store all of our data.
  1. Delete sensitive information: If we have backed up our data, it is a good idea to remove it from the computer. We shouldn’t blindly trust anyone, even if the person is a qualified technician. We will be able to restore the file once the computer has been properly fixed.
  1. Ask someone for help: Often, a co-worker, neighbor or close friends could quickly resolve our computer issues. This would be a huge money- and time-saver.