7 Benefits Of Hosting An E-commerce Website In The Cloud

Site speed is critical in an e-commerce website. A delay in one second can cost you millions annually. Aberdeen Group said it could be a lost of an average of more than $900 million Hong Kong dollars ($117 million) in sales per year.

Fortunately, there are available services that you can use to speed up the website’s performance and optimise the online store with the use of scalable solutions, which are inexpensive and always available, like cloud services.

The cloud comes with a set of technology, network resources, and enumerable benefits for businesses like the e-commerce sector. It attracts different sectors regardless of the company’s size because many have proven and tested its ability to handle big data and huge traffic. Many companies take advantage of it by hosting e-commerce websites.

7 Benefits Of Hosting An E-commerce Website In The Cloud

  1. Tailored According to your needs
  2. Hosting the e-commerce website in the cloud allows you to choose the products—including the network resources you need. It’s customisable. Whether it’s a hybrid hosting or a dedicated hosting, you choose the package and receive complete access. You get the right cloud architecture for your business. This also includes your options for usage metrics like the RAM, storage capacity, bandwidth, and the number of cloud servers you need.

  3. Fast Loading of Webpages
  4. Hosted e-commerce website in the cloud have speedier page load times because the cloud specialists can optimise the resources for you. You don’t have to worry during peak seasons; the cloud servers are spin up whenever you use them and are highly maximised.

  5. Supports Common E-commerce Platforms
  6. If you’re using Magento, you can optimise it whilst it’s hosted in the cloud. It’s one of the widely used e-commerce platform because of its rich features tailored for online shopping.

  7. Focus on Main Business Operations
  8. Leave the technical side to your cloud vendor and focus on building your online shop. This is possible when it’s hosted in the cloud. Together with a managed cloud hosting account, the cloud specialists take care of the technical side. Your job is to focus on the business operations and developments. Team up with the experts for higher conversion rates and increase in sales. Let them optimise your cloud architecture whilst making your customers satisfied.

  9. Integrate Security Solutions
  10. The last thing that you would want to happen is compromise the information of your online shoppers. But with e-commerce hosting, you can apply PCI controls and get PCI-DDS compliance to protect the users’ data whilst they are shopping online.

  11. Reliable and 99.99% Uptime
  12. Speedier, more reliable and resilient—you don’t have to worry about downtime server whilst millions of shoppers are flocking to your online store because a hosted e-commerce website provides reliable and 99.99% uptime network and is capable of handling mission-critical apps services with strong service level agreements.

  13. Back by Expert Support
  14. Receive beginners’ to advanced tutorials and 24/7/365 cloud expert support. Cloud vendors have set up live chats, email, toll-free numbers and FAQs to serve you better. The team of trained engineers, technicians and cloud specialists will respond anytime you need help on technical concerns.