6 of the World's Best Unplugged Getaways

We all need a break from the stress of work and the daily routine from time to time. However, if you are a workaholic then a conventional holiday might not be enough for you. Anyone like me who finds that there is a strong temptation to check their email while on the beach should think about getting away to a place where this simply isn’t an option.
Tena Region – Ecuador
I spent a wonderful few weeks here in which I never once saw a PC, a tablet, a smart phone or even a television. I didn’t see too many people either to be fair. My trip was to do some voluntary work but you could also come here strictly as a tourist and stay in a wooden cabin in the rainforest for pleasure. You don’t need to worry about getting bored either. Stay in one of the big nature reserves and you can go on jungle treks, sail down the river and look out for amazing wildlife.
Iona – Scotland
You don’t need to live with the monkeys to get away from things though, do you? My second favourite unplugged getaway was in the small but historically important Scottish island of Iona. The religious importance of the island means that it gets swamped by tourists for part of the year but I went in March and only had sheep for company on the beach. Camping is a good bet for a truly liberating break and if you like the idea of living a simple life for a few days then this could really help you unwind. Be sure to explore the graveyard of ancient Scottish kings and the Abbey.
Savute Elephant Camp – Botswana  
Ok, so the fact that I exhausted my personal list of unplugged places after just a couple means that I really need to find somewhere else to go to relax. After a bit of investigation I came across this place, and anywhere which is called an elephant camp is fine in my book. This sounds a lot more luxurious than the places I have been to, so you might want to consider it if you want to chill out in style.

Maui, Hawaii
The very name of Hawaii brings to mind gentle relaxation, doesn’t it? I went once to Honolulu for a couple of weeks but it was jam packed with tourists. It turns out that I should have gone to Maui and found the rustic, laid back Travaasa Hana resort at Hana Bay. It seems that even clocks don’t exist here and that can only be a good thing. Finding things to do without an internet connection shouldn’t be too hard in this tropical paradise.
Treasure Beach – Jamaica
Any place called Treasure Beach is worth knowing in my book, and I have heard that Jake’s is where to stay if you want to get away from the modern world for a spell. I might see you in one of the yoga classes there on day.
South Plaza Island – Galapagos Islands
While cruises to the Galapagos Islands are very popular among cruise lovers, nature lovers will find it equally appealing. South Plaza Island is a unique island with its odd mix of wild life including friendly sea lions, lots of iguanas, lava lizards and Maderian storm petrels. The rugged beautiful island is a snorkelers paradise which really always you to truly unplug, 3G what?