6 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Your Home

If you wish your home to be a green and eco-friendly one – first thing you need to worry about – is reducing the energy bills as much as it is possible. Using less electricity (by this we just mean it’s rational using) – and maybe to try to refuse using the products that really have a negative impact on the nature. There are a lot of many other ways to get your home more «green»- and we must say, people often forget a lot of them. But before we get to ideas themselves – think about the following:

  • Is there any actual possibility to save on the bills? Yes / No.
  • Read more about the carbon footprint – you’ll be surprised for sure
  • Another good practice is making others around you AWARE of the problem itself. You can explain others how YOU manage to save on bills and some information about the impact on the environment. Best example is always your own example!
  1. If the home is just in plans yet – maybe it is better to think about the location first. Yes, we DO take into the consideration different eco-friendly building techniques, but it will be harder to concentrate on «green» aspect if, for example, your land is located in the earthquake or flood areas. Think about it.
  2. Another eco-friendly strategy is all about the size of the home itself. The smaller house you construct – the more eco-friendly and easy to maintain it will get. in future. Of course – larger houses are a lot harder to heat and this will include respectively higher heating bills etc.
  3. Next very important aspect – is to use an energy efficient equipment. This statement can be true regarding even the light bulbs as well! Energy Star logo is not just a funny sticker in the back of your equipment piece. These people know nearly EVERYTHING about saving the energy. So get to know this as well!
  4. A good and «green» home has to be well insulated. Why? Because heating and cooling the house will eat up to 55% of the budget spent on the energy bills. Leaks of air – especially in the windows area – are the first issues responsible for losing the heat. Mind this information.
  5. Use recycled products – and that is about the building materials as well. Yes – this floor has been in someone else’s home – so what? Some recycled materials look even better than in their previous lives. And more over – nowadays almost anything can be recycled. And by that we mean wood, glass, carton, recycled plastic, etc.
  6. Be ready to pay a little more for the sustainable building materials. Environmentally friendly and just ecologically materials and products should always be at hand – especially when it comes to a new home design. After all – it is better than to start all over from scratch when the home is ready for living.

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