5 Ways To Protect Your Home from Cell Phone Towers

Is your home surrounded by cell phone towers? If so, you need to think seriously. Radio frequency (RF) radiation refers to harmful radiations including microwave transmissions emanating from a cell phone tower, a smart meter or from your neighbor’s WiFi. Again, electromagnetic radiations can pass through anything and everything. Before you’re overwhelmed with the perilous effects of these emissions emanating from cell phone towers, ensure that your home is protected from RF radiations or interference. The use of RFI shielding materials can help you prevent radiations from entering your home, making your home a safe place for you and your family. Read on to learn more.

5 Ways To Protect Your Home from Cell Phone Towers

1. Consider EMF Readings Seriously

If you find a cell phone tower close to your home, it’s important to take EMF readings to figure out the risks associated with RF radiations. Consult with a certified and experienced EMF specialist to provide you with the readings. You can even consider investing in a meter. It will make more financial sense in the long run as a single consultation will cost you as much as the price of a meter.

2. Protect Your Windows

The windows of your home are more vulnerable to harmful radiations from cell towers than anything else. That’s why most homeowners prefer to shield their windows. You can protect your home from RF radiations by using a special shielding film. Apply them on all windows facing cell phone towers. Buy these films in a roll, cut them properly to size, get rid of the backing and simply stick them to your windows.

3. Shield Your Home and Bedroom

Once you get the EMF readings, you can choose to shield a few rooms in your home, including the bedroom. Shielding the entire house is not a feasible idea. Instead, consider using RFI shielding products or materials in rooms where you spend most of your time. For example, you can shield your bed effectively with a special metalized or shielding fabric. EMF Faraday canopies are also ideal shielding materials to protect your bedroom from RF radiations. Although this is the most effective and easiest way of protecting your home, it is not necessarily a cost-effective solution. As far as Faraday canopies are concerned, they are similar to a mosquito net. The only difference is that it keeps RF radiations at bay instead of mosquitoes.

4. Use EMF Protection Paint

You can get rid of emissions from cell phone towers penetrating your home by using high frequency EMF protection paint. Consider using water-based paints that are free from harmful or toxic elements. As far as these paints are concerned, they are pretty effective, and can be easily used on ceilings, walls and doors. High-quality EMF paints sticks easily to plaster, cement, polystyrene or any other building material.

5. Opt for Affordable EMF Shielding

As discussed before, the use of Faraday canopies in your bedroom gives you effective protection against RF radiations, but they are expensive. Why not go for cheaper shielding materials like insulating aluminum foil? You can stick these foils to the interior walls, as they do not need to breathe like your external walls. If you are using cost-effective shielding materials, make sure they are thick enough to provide effective protection against radio frequency radiations from mobile phone towers.

Use RFI shielding materials to protect your home from cell tower emissions. RF radiations, if ignored, can enter your home even through windows and minor cracks. Use shielding products that are easy to use and are affordable. Also, ensure that you are using the right materials that provide maximum protection from harmful radio frequency emissions.