5 Reasons To Get A Water Tank For Your Home

There are many places in Australia that have difficulty in accessing water. For this reason, there is a huge demand for water tanks to use for collecting and storing rain water. However, it is not only the dwellers of rural areas that need water tanks. Let us look at some reasons why everyone in Australia should consider having water tanks for their property.

  1. All sizes and shapes

You no longer need to worry about bulky tanks of shapes that aren’t compatible with your designated space. You can now get water tanks of all shapes and sizes. You can even consider underground storage tanks in case space is an issue on your property. There are over 5,000 different shapes and sizes of water tanks to choose from so you are guaranteed of getting one that fits you unique needs.

  1. Reduce utility bills

Did you know that flushing of the toilet alone can amount to more than 30% of your utility bill? If you have a large family, this bill can literally soar through the roof thanks to the other numerous domestic uses of water like showering, cleaning and cooking. You could easily cut down your water bill by half by installing a water tank to harvest and incorporate rain water into your daily water consumption.

  1. Save money on appliances

The other front of saving is on the household appliances that require water from the dishwasher to the washing machine.  Not  only are you paying for the energy bills of running these appliances but you are also paying for water bill  – unless of course if you have installed a water tank to cut down on the water bill cost. You will have more water for other important functions like watering your plants, washing your car, cleaning the house, etc. You might even have enough reserve to fill up a small pool for the kids to take a plunge.

  1. Freedom of choice

Harsh weather, natural catastrophes and other unforseen circumstances might force the government to ration water supply.  A household that is used to a lot of water supply might find such restrictions to be very frustrating. Thankfully, you can conveniently avoid going down this road by harvesting rain water and storing for use when such shortages arise.

  1. Greener living

Water is one of the fastest depleting natural resources. The more we misuse water, the more we impact negatively on the environment. It is therefore a good idea to harvest and store rain water to increase our efficiency in the management of this important natural resource. Even though other steps like checking for leakages and replacement of worn our appliance also helps, nothing has a bigger impact than harvesting rain water. Rain water usually goes to waste as we keep draining our water towers to meet the growing domestic and industrial demands. Installation of water tanks in the homes goes a long way into preserving the environment.

At Pioneer water tanks, we have a huge assortment of water tanks that will satisfy any need however unique it is. Get in touch with us and will provide a solution that is tailored specifically for you.