5 Facts That You Didn’t Know About Your Own Body

The human body is the most complex of all natural systems in the world. It is a machine that starts working from the moment we are conceived in the mother’s womb to the time we die. All the system work untiringly, day and night, especially the involuntary organs such as the lungs, the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the stomach. These are evolved organs that we possess in our bodies that enable us to live in this complex world and among many different kind of biomes that exist in the floral and faunal world. You must know that in order to become a doctor and to study medicine, you actually have to study and entire course on the human anatomy. Therefore it explains how important it is to understand the human body. But at times even the most intelligent of people, fail to understand and comprehend the human system that works to keep our body alive and well functioning. Therefore in order to understand it better at times we need to updated our trivia and general knowledge about the human body and its functions and organs. With new discoveries and researches into the field, new facts are being discovered everyday and some of them haven’t reached the masses yet. There are a few that might interest you and we have come up with a few of them so that you can know more about the body you possess:

5 Facts That You Didn't Know About Your Own Body

  • Growth of height in the body: It is known to all that people grow taller as they grow up and then at a point in a very later stage of their lives they start to shrink due to weakness of the bone. Due to calcium deficiency in the human body, as it is seen in female bodies mostly, women foster diseases like osteoporosis and other such diseases that lead to a very troublesome life. But did you also know that we grow during the night while we sleep and that is the reason we are taller during the early hours of the day than we are in the evening. It is also because while we are standing or sitting for most of the time during the day, gravity squeezes out bones together and makes us shrink a little by the end of the day.
  • Loss of brain cells: You must have heard about the saying “Old men are wise men”. Yes, that might be true to a certain extent but then you actually lose a lot of rational analytical ability. It is because about a thousand or so brain cells are  destroyed almost every day and hence people tend to get more and more irrational and unable to do many things as they grow old. It is also because your brain keeps on working all throughout the day and even at night when you sleep.
  • Breathing and respiration: We only breathe through one nostril. Yes, believe it or not the other nostril always gets involuntarily blocked while we breathe and the respiratory process is also quite a complex process as it not only provides the body oxygen, it is also plays a very important role in the entire metabolic process.

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  • Sandman’s sand: When you wake up every morning you surely find some kind of dust or grains in your eye that you wash off everyday thinking that it is the sand that the mythical sandman your parents have always talked about has poured into your eyes. Well, that is far from the truth. It is called gound. What is does is, during the time of the day it stops the tears from evaporating from your eyeballs and also helps keep your eyes shut airtight when the eyelids are closed. What happens when you sleep is that you do not blink and therefore the gound accumulates and forms a crust around your eyes.
  • Muscle fractures: Ever wonder why we develop sores around the areas we use for exercising? Most people think that it is because of the lactic acid build up but actually it is because the muscles develop micro-factures and that helps us to regenerate them using body-building supplements and therefore make them grow bigger the next time they regenerate into new muscles.

So since you now know the facts, you must be able to answer a lot of questions about your own body and many of your questions may have been answered.  Next time you see your body doing something you don’t understand refer to these facts above.