5 Breakthroughs In Landscaping Technology

Landscaping has always been a highly-regarded profession. Home owners and companies alike take pride in displaying an aesthetic landscape. Landscapers themselves enjoy the process and design that goes into these intricate projects. With the rapid development of technology, there are several advancements that have helped to improve the landscaping industry. Here are five breakthroughs in landscaping technology that have created significant advantages.

1. 3D Landscaping Software

5 Breakthroughs In Landscaping Technology

One of the greatest technological advancements in landscape design is the introduction of 3D software. Landscape companies now have the ability to design mock landscapes on specially designed software. This provides contractors with the incredible advantage of seeing the final product without investing money or energy. Instead, both the clients and landscapers can make changes and adjustments to the 3D model before investing in the final product. This technology provides contractors with immense foresight and flexibility. It also saves home owners a considerable amount of money.

2. Herbicides

Unwanted weeds are one of Mother Nature’s more pesky nuisances. No matter how much technology is involved, nature will always be a constant factor in landscaping. Instead of treating the growth of annual weeds after they have matured, technology has provided landscapers with the possibility of preemptive strategies. There are specially designed preemptive herbicides that can be sprayed on lawns and gardens to prevent the growth of some common weeds. Penn State’s school of agriculture says to use herbicides only when necessary, but when used correctly and sparingly, they can be safe.

3. Smartphone Controls

5 Breakthroughs In Landscaping Technology

With the rapid increase of smartphone usage, application designers are finding ways to incorporate household controls. This technology has finally reached the landscape market allowing homeowners to control several landscape features from their phones. For example, users can control landscape lights and sprinkler systems with the touch of a button.

4. Heated Patio Floors

Landscape design seeks not only to make yards more aesthetic but also more comfortable. This goal is typically accomplished by bringing the spoils of the home to the outdoors. The new technology of heated patio tiles allows homeowners to enjoy warm floors built into the landscape of their yard. Heated patio floors also have the additional benefit of melting snow and ice during the winter months.

5. Turf Grass

5 Breakthroughs In Landscaping Technology

Before the breakthrough of turf grass, landscapers had to plant grass seeds by hand. Furthermore, homeowners were forced to wait months until they had a full yard of grass. Turf grass, also known as sod, helps contractors to establish lawns quickly and effectively avoid the threat of soil erosion. Also, this technology saves landscapers time and money.