5 Boiler Problems That Can Cause Failures In Heating Systems

While regular maintenance will help keep a boiler in good repair, it can break down just as any other piece of equipment can. However, there are some repairs that should be considered emergencies because they indicate serious problems with the boiler. These problems can cause the boiler to completely shut down or lose heat when in use during the winter.

5 Boiler Problems That Can Cause Failures In Heating Systems

Pipe Condensation

There is usually some type of condensation in the heating system’s pipes and it can easily freeze during the winter when it is extremely cold outside. If it does, a blockage will form that can cause the condensate to back up and shut down the boiler. If this occurs, a Gas Safe engineer will need to thaw the pipes to get the system working and restore the heat in your home.

Not Putting Out Heat

If there is no heat coming from your boiler and the water doesn’t get hot, there can be several reasons for this problem. There could be a broken diaphragm or airlock, the valves may have failed, or the thermostat may not be working. While a homeowner can check the thermostat to see if it needs to be replaced, the other repairs will require calling a professional plumber to check the boiler and replace any parts that failed.

Loud Noises

If you hear banging, whistling, or gurgling noises when the heat comes on, then there is probably air in the system. Low water pressure will cause the boiler to make a sound that resembles a boiling kettle, which can be caused by a water leak. A banging noise can indicate that the pump on the boiler is about to fail, which will usually occur in older boilers. You should contact a plumber to examine the system before the problems worsen.

Pilot Light Goes Off

If the pilot light cannot stay lit, then the boiler will not produce heat to warm your house or allow for hot showers. While a draught may be blowing in through a cracked window or under a door frame, it could also be the result of a broken thermocouple that prevents the gas from getting to the boiler. While most homeowners can search for and repair draughts, a Gas Safe engineer needs to examine mechanical failures and then perform a boiler repair in West London after finding the issue.

Leaking Boiler

There can be many causes for a boiler to leak but if you spot fluid on the floor around it, you need to call a Gas Safe engineer in to examine the boiler right away. Leaks can indicate internal part failures such as worn seals or, if the pressure is too high, the pressure valve could be failing. Leaks around pipes could mean that they are corroded or they were not fitted properly and they will need to be replaced or repaired.

Regular maintenance will take care of many issues that can cause loss of heat but these problems can still occur. If you do have issues with your boiler, call a plumber right away to have it checked and repaired.