5 Basic Health Tests To Check In On The Status Of Your Brain and Body

No man is an island when it comes to trying to ensure individual health. You can feel good or bad, but that can be as much based on your attitude as it can on the actual condition of your body. So, in the modern age, there are ways to check in on yourself by using a combination of other people’s expertise, or various kinds of equipment available for consumer

5 Basic Health Tests To Check In On The Status Of Your Brain and Body

And some of the health checkup items are going to be things like getting a hearing test, working through your range of motion, getting your eyes checked, finding out what your heart health is via something like a stress test, and even measuring something as basic as how quickly you run a mile.

Your Hearing

If you’ve noticed that something feels off about your hearing, then getting a hearing test is going to be first on your list of checkups. Natural deterioration of hearing is always going to occur with age, but there can also be indications of something further going wrong that won’t really be obvious until a professional looks into your ears and also gives you a full test regarding how well you hear different ranges, volumes, and directions of sound.

Your Range of Motion

Little injuries can happen a lot when you’re younger. But the effects of them won’t often really be noticeable until middle age or later. And that’s when suddenly you won’t be able to twist as far. Or your neck hurts regularly after sleeping. Or you have back pain or foot pain become of limited range of motion. To help yourself either deal with it or rehab, go through a range of motion test that connects the ideas of physical injuries with what you can do to loosen up again.

Your Eyesight

And especially if you drive a lot, or have a job that relies heavily on your ability to see clearly, make sure that you have your eyes examined regularly. Not only will this help with your overall vision – it will also give the eye doctor a chance to look for early signs of things like glaucoma or other eye diseases.

Your Heart Health

Your ticker needs special attention as well. Heart disease is a major cause of death around the world, but without a doctor or a specialist occasionally listening to it and putting you through a basic stress test, you can only guess at its overall health level.

Your Speed

How fast can you run a half mile? Don’t know? Then get out the old stopwatch or an app on your phone and check yourself out. Compare the result that you got with some national statistics, and see if that feels like a comparative indication of your overall health spectrum.