5 Awesome Window Treatment NYC For Large Windows

Large windows are a common feature of New York homes and these are often treated elegantly by the home owners with different available options like roller shades, blinds, etc. With so many options available to treat your windows, you may be utterly confused what to choose. The best way is to let your creativity flow so that you have some unique window treatment that can make your guests envious and your room inviting.

Your choice of window treatment also depends a lot on the room type i.e. whether you are looking for a window treatment in your living room or kitchen. You can also opt for Do-It-Yourself options, but it will be time consuming.

So, here is 5 awesome window treatment NYC for large windows.

  • Treat multiple windows as a single one by putting drapes on the outer edges and motorized roller shades to have privacy or to block the light in between them. These shades are convenient to use and are good to treat large windows where your hands are hard to reach. Child and pet-friendly, these shades are devoid of any dangerous chords and being motorized allows an automated operation.
  • Hang white sheers from one corner of the wall to another one and voila! It gives a soft effect to the entire room and will cover your windows beautifully. Such window treatment offer a little privacy and allows ample natural light into your room while covering windows of all shapes and sizes in a clean manner. These white sheers are also very inexpensive and thus, offers an excellent big window treatment NYC.
  • Multiple panels of curtains are an excellent way of treating your big windows. It is important that that these curtains are color coordinated or be in contrast to accentuate the interiors in an inexpensive way. You can also choose floor length printed curtains in bright colors that match with certain props of your room or compliment the same.
  • Vertical blinds are a great solution to treat wide windows and are available in different varieties too i.e. standard flat, wooden blinds, aluminum blinds, faux wood blinds. Of these, wooden blinds are eco-friendly and offer an elegant solution to treat windows while acting as a superb insulator. During summers, having wooden blinds will help you to have a natural breeze, right amount of natural light and at the same time keep the temperature in your room within a check.

It should be noted that window treatments can make your room elegant or can spoil the entire interior décor if not choose wisely. Big windows are not trickier to deal with numerous window treatment NYC options at hand. You need to be just sure that your window treatment is complementing your interiors and giving you a desired solution in terms of privacy, insulation, and much more. Don’t spend above your budget to get the window treatment as there are shops in New York where window treatments are available in great variety at the most competitive rates.