4 Nutritious Foods You Should Be Eating After Surgery

After having surgery of any kind, prioritising your diet is essential. The foods that you eat can really help to aid natural recovery, so putting some thought into what you are eating and drinking can really help. The most important thing to remember is to follow the advice of your surgeon, as the foods you will need to eat if you’ve had a mummy makeover will be very different than if you’ve had surgery on your stomach! We are introducing four nutritious foods that you should be eating post-surgery, to help your body recover. 


One of the best foods you can eat when recovering from surgery is soup. This is because soups are generally packed full of different superfoods with vitamins and minerals, they are easy to eat and they are delicious. Try to find soups that are nice and hearty and contain lots of different vegetables. 

A good thing to do is try and buy a range of different coloured fresh soups, as you will be consuming a wide range of different vitamins. For example, carrot and coriander, pea and mint and tomato soup. Soups that contain protein are also great, such as chicken broth, carrot and red lentil soup or broccoli and cheddar. 

Overall, soup will be hearty and warming for after your surgery and you will know that you are consuming lots of vitamins to aid your recovery. 

Soft Fruits

You should also have fresh soft fruits on hand after your surgery, as they are rich in nutrients and fibre, to support your immune system and wound healing. Frozen or canned fruits are also good, but they won’t be quite as beneficial. 

As with the soups, a good trick is to eat as much variety as possible, particularly different coloured fruits. For example, red fruits such as apples, blood oranges and raspberries help to improve heart health and memory. Orange and yellow fruits like oranges and apricots contain antioxidants to benefit eye health, heart health and the healthy functioning of your immune system. Green fruits like apples and grapes improve eye health and promote strong bones and teeth. Finally, blue and purple fruits like blackberries, blueberries and figs promote healthy ageing. All of these different things will help to support the body as it is recovering from surgery! 


Another great food that you should eat after surgery is yoghurt, as it contains probiotics that are healthy bacteria. This bacteria helps to digest food well and it also helps to fight germs and infections, which is essential after surgery. You may experience nausea after surgery, but yoghurt is easy to tolerate for the stomach, giving you a much needed boost. 

If you’re not a fan of plain yoghurt, you could mix it with fresh fruit and honey, to get extra minerals and to make it taste great! Or, you could go for yoghurt drinks that contain probiotics, as an easier choice after surgery if your movement is limited after surgery. 

Healthy Fats

Last but not least we have healthy fats, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, which aid significantly with immune response. Healthy fats also help your body to absorb vitamins and minerals well, so when eaten alongside the range of vitamins and minerals mentioned above, your body will certainly benefit! 

One way to consume healthy fats is by making a creamy salad dressing with avocado, cashew nuts, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper and olive oil. You will have a delicious dressing to add to salads or roasted vegetables that is quick to make and great for post-surgery recovery.