3 Tips To Build Muscle Fast

People spend many years to get a well toned body and to put on muscle, but many of them cannot make it happen. Actually, most of the beginners don’t know where to start. In this article you will read well proven tips to get faster results, it doesn’t matter you want a bigger chest or a curvaceous calves with big thighs. If you want to know more aboutbest l-Theanine supplements, you can read online reviews about this product or consult your physician.

3 Tips To Build Muscle Fast

Tip Number One: Lift

The only way to increase your muscle size and to gain more muscle is by breaking the muscle fibers. And you can do this by applying external forces and indulge in a kind of exercise or a physical activity, which they are not accustomed. Everybody cannot do a heavy manual labor outside gym to build muscles, which is why it is better to try your hands on barbells, dumbbells and machines. If you use all three of them in a proper way, then within a short span of time you will see significant progress in your muscle building.

Tip Number Two: Multi-joint Exercises

In order to build muscle quickly you need to do multi joint exercises. Most of the beginners opt for bicep curls or triceps extensions, which cannot build muscle. Although, you can do these exercises if you already have a muscular body.

Multi-joint exercises like dead lifts, bench press and squats involve more muscles; you can also lift heavier weight in comparison with single joint exercises.

Tip Number Three: Go Heavy

People who are willing to build muscles do not lift an adequate amount of weight, which is required for their body. Lift the weight by which you can perform only 8 to 12 repetitions of an exercise and perform three sets of every exercise. You can also opt for drop set technique. In this technique, you have to continue the repetitions till you cannot lift the weight anymore.

You may have seen in the gym that people use a spotter with them or a friend who help in performing the exercises. The role of a spotter is to save you from an injury. When you are doing bench press and holding the barbell in your hand, on your last repetition you cannot lift it even for a single inch and you may drop it on your chest. This is the time when your spotter will help you; he will help you in performing the exercise with heavy weights and in the right manner.

There are some more benefits of a workout partner is that he will make you perform even if you are tired. A slight support will make you execute the whole repetition easily and this will put an extra burden on your muscle tissues. You may feel like coming out of the gym when you are alone and tired, but in case of a spotter you can work out. You can ask your friend or a family member to help you with your exercises and you can also reciprocate in the same manner. best l-Theanine supplements can be consumed to enhance your mood for a better workout.