3 Places In Khar, That Make Life Happening!

If you are a Mumbaikar, with an adoration for Best bars and clubs then you are clearly living in the midst of a cornucopia of bars and clubs options. If you are not aware of the splendid tirade of choice that awaits for you then worry no more, this article is surely going to be your guidebook for best bars and clubs in Mumbai. So here you go, below is the list of some amazing bars and clubs in Khar, which will help you enjoy the night life of the dream city.

  • Elbo Room

Elbo Room is a cupboard sized place where you can enjoy cheap martinis, salami pizza and pints of Leffe with the locals. Like the laid back Bandra, this place is also quite cozy. Also during special sporting events, the owners rig up a temporary outdoor screen, mostly for the football and cricket match. Well, there is a fixed small screen on the indoor. Also, the music leans towards retro pop, and the DJ often kickstarts a makeshift dance floor by night. The Guest DJs play the 70s, 80s, and 90s rock music on every Wednesday.

Location: Khar (W)

Contact Number: +91 22 26483316

Cost for two: 2000 (with alcohol) approx

  • Olive

Olive is quite famous among the Bollywood stars. Olive is known for drawing Bollywood celebs, Bollywood wannabes and has also amused Locals to its Thank God it’s Thursday! See and be seen night. This beautiful restaurant is colored soft white and has pebbles underfoot, it is candlelit and casual and also has a set of bathrooms at the back of the venue, which helps everyone to check each other out en route. They have music playing till three or four in the morning and have an amazing dance floor. The international wines here are moderately priced. Please do specify your choice of Vodka or they’ll serve you with Grey Goose.

Location: Khar (W)

Contact Number: +91 22 26058228

Cost for two: 3500 (with alcohol) approx

  • WTF!

WTF! Will surely make you feel nostalgic, as the walls of this cafe are covered with posters of Pulp Fiction and Bob Marley, and dotted with vinyl, just like the walls of any first year student. This place is quickly filled by mid-week, you will find the post-work crowd enjoying their local beer and mandarin mojitos until 1 am. The DJ here plays retro rock, pop and odd bit of country which is kinder on the ears.

Location: Khar

Contact Number: +91 22 26486233

Cost for Two: 2000 (with alcohol) approx

So if you are someone with an adoration for the same, here’s one tip for you, look out for new residential projects in Khar, especially Khar (W) and enjoy the night life of Mumbai without having to worry about traveling far as you might have your property nearby. Also, buying a property in Khar will keep you well connected to the rest of the city. You can also enjoy weekends with your family by visiting Carter road, Bandra and enjoy family time there by the beach. All this has led to a lot of real estate developers coming here in Khar and building new residential projects in Khar. Opt for Rustomjee Paramount, if you want a luxurious lifestyle and also want to stay well connected to the rest of the city.