23 Unique Baby Room Ideas in 2016

It is common for parents to get confused when it comes to decorate their baby’s room. The reason behind this is the availability of too many great choices for baby room decoration. The most effective way to choose the best decoration idea is to consider your personal interests and style preferences. Here are some unique baby room ideas to help you get started.

nursery ideas for girls room with red baby room ideas

1. Crib Design

Crib is the focal point in your little one’s room, so it is important to choose a unique crib design first. You can choose from a wide variety of designs such as there are all types of cribs from modern to classic. A unique crib design will set a style for the room decor. Don’t forget the accessories that come with a crib. These include a changing table, dresser, storage and other furniture pieces.

2. Color Scheme

Second most important thing is the color of your baby’s room. It should reflect your personal style and the style of the furniture. Bold colors and patterns are usually recommended for baby’s room decoration. Use the primary colors, along with shades of them for a contrasting and complimenting color scheme. To make your little one’s room appear more interesting, add a colorful design to the ceiling.

3. Add Some Character

A very good way to bring the baby room decoration to live is to adding a colorful character to it. You can use any storybook characters or a stencil to paint in themed characters. Besides this, you can affix a mural or a decal to the walls. Alternatively, you can hang a poster of any color fairy tale or cartoon character.

4. Accessories

Accessories can add elegance to the beauty of your baby’s room décor. It is very important to choose all accessories carefully. Keep the theme or style of your baby’s room décor in mind when shopping for accessories. Some interesting accessories may include photo frames, toy boxes, decorative baskets, stuffed toys, etc.

In conclusion, your main goal should be creating a special place for your baby, so take every detail into close consideration at the time of choosing baby room ideas.