10 Tech Trends That Could Supercharge Education In 2017

Today, technology and education are going together, and it looks like that this bond will become stronger and stronger. Just like technology has impacted every aspect of our lives, it is also impacting same on our educational system. Now, students prefer to take the academic writing services like chemistry assignment help instead of wasting their time on something which they cannot do. The technology has set into the roots of the education in this year, and every college and university are using the technology to increase the learning of its students. This is also something we are going to discuss in this article too.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you the top ten tech trends that could supercharge education in 207 and can help our students to learn better than ever.

  1. Modern Coding and Programming:

Since the web and digital world started affecting our normal day life, more and more students started to get admission in the computer studies related fields and that is why our educational institutes are also offering advanced courses in the coding and programming. Moreover, according to a survey, the teachers of the primary schools are also in favor of teaching the students coding and programming as a language course in the initial. This can be a great thing if we start our younger ones to teach programming from such age because they will be more experienced than anyone of us when they will reach their graduation level and we can see more wonders of programming too with this way.

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality:

The classrooms of the 2017 has gone beyond the imagination of those who claimed to be best in predictions. The classrooms are not only using the VR gadgets but also experimenting more to provide the virtual look of everything that they are teaching to students. This technology is not only become the trend in the primary schools but it is also become an integral part of the major colleges and universities like medical colleges where students are performing virtual operations and surgeries with the help of augmented reality. This was the experiment of the Microsoft’s Hololens with the Case Reserve University.

This is not it. Imagine how the subjects like geography would have become interesting when we can see the oceans and the desert just like real through VR technology.

  1. Access to Mobile Devices:

In my school, I was not allowed to any tech device from home but now everything is changed. Students not only bring laptops from their home in the classrooms but they also use their mobile devices to take help. That is why, almost every school in the US now has the free internet connection and students are allowed to use the internet for their studies. That is why instead of writing down the entire lectures, students prefer to record the lecture of the professors and then listen to them again later.

  1. Blended Learning:

Blended learning has come up as the most frequently used phenomenon for learning in the school. However, many experts still believes that even the latest technology cannot create the same impact on learning which a face to face teaching create. Though, schools and colleges are adopting this method and they are getting positives out of it. These schools and colleges also claims that they ensure the presence of the teacher and students in the classroom however using the blended learning is helping both the students and teachers to keep their learning pace better than ever.

  1. Videos for classwork and homework:

Video is another tool which does not count as the technological wonder but still teachers are using it in the classwork and homework. Apart from the Slides on the PowerPoint, teachers are also using the videos in the classrooms on different topic to present the visual representation of whatever they are teaching in the class.

Moreover, most of the students are now also accessing videos online and getting the benefits from many independent educational-video makers efforts free of cost.

  1. Increase in Online Colleges Admissions:

You have to be financially strong to take admission in the college or university. Moreover, being in the college means you have to concentrate only on your studies and you cannot do anything else like part time jobs because it will affect your studies neither you will get time for that. That are the reasons why students are now moving towards the online colleges and universities which has become the reason for an increase in the graduates in the US.

  1. Gaming for learning:

Whoever could imagine that the video games can even help us to understand the theories of physics and chemistry. Teachers’ especially primary school teachers are encouraging students to play more video games and develop the skills like decision-making, competitiveness and stress management which is important to continue the education in the hard times.

  1. Social Media:

Social media is the platform of communicating with different people you know and you don’t know. But the students are also using it for the education purposes. They are using it to collaborate and do combine studies which is improving their skills like working in the team and managing things. Moreover, teachers are also helping the students on the social media websites and giving them the necessary information which is important for their courses.

  1. Helping the Self-Learners:

Instead of searching the entire libraries and book shops to find the book which has the answers to their questions, the self-learners are taking the help of the internet. Self-learning is something which get appreciation everywhere and helps you to set your own pace of learning and allow you to learn whatever you want. I know many people who have the degree in engineering but due to self-learning they are producing music and earning more than the engineers.

  1. AI and IoT in the classrooms:

The artificial intelligence and internet of things have become very common in the classrooms. Colleges and universities are installing interactive boards and interactive devices so students can get better help whenever they need anything.

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