10 Common Mistakes Avoid In Writing

If you get to know on what basis every teacher check the writing assignments, you will definitely get full marks by covering them. That is why it is important to keep reading such article so you can get the maximum information about your writing and how can you make it better. In the next lines of this article, you will be going to read the words of the professionals about the writing and the common mistakes that every student do in his writing assignment.

Writing is not an easy job especially for someone who have to write thousands of words every week and in the certain deadline. Students are asked to do the writing assignments despite teaching them any skill of writing that is why they take the service like coursework help UK and essay writing to fetch out some good grades. However, with proper education and guidance, everyone can learn the writing skills. But first, you have to rectify some most common mistakes from your writing so you can write your own assignments.

10 Common Mistakes Avoid In Writing

Following are the top 10 common mistake that every student do in his writing.

  1. Not following the format:

Whenever you get the writing assignment, the assignee provides some formatting structure with it too. One of the most common mistakes that students do is not following that structure and start following the structure which they believe is easy. You have to follow the instructions like spacing, fonts, citation style, margins, lengths, bleeds and so on. There are some other general rules too like page numbers and double margins that professors or teachers doesn’t even mention because they are too general and just because you doesn’t have any experience in writing, you always missed them and the marks for it too. That is why it is important to follow whatever your teacher has asked you to follow and make sure that you build your assignment only on the teacher’s formatting structure.

  1. Using generic or No Title:

The importance of title in the assignments like essay writing is imperative. It is important to give your essay an interesting title so the reader can generate its interest in reading it just by looking at your title. Moreover, there are some students too who are so lazy that they don’t even title their essays. This is one of the worst ways of submitting your writing assignments, and teachers hate it.

  1. Using cliché lines to start with:

We all are surrounded by the different types of writing materials. That is why it has become too easy to identify the cliché lines that many students use to start their writing assignments. You have, to begin with the specific and interesting statement which should be able to grab the mind of the reader first. Only then the reader is going to read the next lines or pages. If you are thinking that no matter with what you start your writing assignment, the teacher is going to read it, and then you are in a fool’s paradise because starting your assignment with the mind grabbing line will help you to build the positive perception of your efforts on the teacher.

  1. Not establishing the argument:

The one and only reason for assigning the writing assignments is to prepare you to address the issues and problems. If you are failing or not giving importance to establishing your argument in your writing piece then what is the point of wasting your words on a pointless essay or thesis paper. That is why it is important to emphasize more on the argument or agenda of your writing and then to concentrate on the solution of it.

  1. Not backing your point with the examples:

If I say the world is going to be destroyed in 2020, no one is going to believe me. However, most of the people were convinced on the destruction of the world in 2012 because there were the predictions of the Mayans that were backing it. This is the importance of having some evidence or examples of supporting your argument. That is why it is important to back up your argument by using the strongest evidence or examples which most of the students doesn’t do and just keep writing the essays and research paper in one flow.

  1. Plagiarizing:

Always remember that your teachers are much more experienced than you and they know a lot more than you so never try to plagiarize your content. They are in the business of teaching from the ages, and they have checked thousands of assignments. That is why it is easier for them to identify which assignment is plagiarized and which is original.

  1. Making the quotations as your own statement:

There is a very thin line between taking inspiration and plagiarism. That is where most of the students fall and use the quotes of others as their own words and use it without giving the credits of the quotation to its owner. Teachers and professors don’t like to see quotes used as stand-alone sentences. If you want to use any quote, you should use it as its own sentence and should start it like “As XYZ said” or “he stated” and any other relevant start.

  1. Grammatical Mistakes:

You are not in the kindergarten schools where teachers can ignore your grammatical and spelling mistakes just because you are in the initial stages of your education. You are a college student, and there is no way your teacher is going to ignore any grammatical mistake in your assignment. That is why it is important to proofread your assignment at least thrice just to make sure you are not missing anything. This is another mistake that many students are still doing even in their final year thesis reports which should be clear of such mistakes. If your grammar is not as strong as it should be, there are many online tools like Grammarly available on the internet which can help you in removing your grammatical mistakes from your assignments.

  1. Too much use of passive voice:

You cannot use the passive voice everywhere in your assignments. Passive voice is the second way of communication, and you can only use it when the person who is performing the action is not clear. Passive voice sentences may look attractive that is why students use it to make their assignment attractive which is unacceptable for the teachers and professors.

  1. Repetition of the introduction:

The last mistake on our list that most of the students do is to repeat the introduction of the assignment again and again in the body or conclusion of the assignment. You should plan every part of your assignment before writing, so you don’t have to establish the things again and again which can cost you some valuable marks.