Winter Is Coming: Eco-Friendly Techniques to Keep Your House Warm

As the weather is getting colder and winter is rolling in, it is important to consider ways to keep the house warm with the help of green technology. Green living is good for the environment and is a good way to help preserve the planet. It will also help a family save money. Here are a few green technologies that can help keep the house warm this winter.
Windows are a part of the house that contributes to a great deal of heat loss, especially when they are old. It is best to install energy efficient windows. Since this can get expensive, there are numerous government agencies that help to pay for a part of the project. In the end, the home will hold heat better and lower energy costs.
Every home must contain the proper amount of insulation. To incorporate green technology, new materials like insulation made with old denim jeans can be used. This recycling method is safe and works well to hold in heat. Besides being able to lower heating bills, this form of insulation helps to soundproof the area as well. This type of insulation comes with much lower health risks and irritations that traditional fiber insulation brings.
Use the Sun
A different way to lower electricity bills is to take advantage of the sun’s energy. This energy can be a useful source of power. This is especially popular in places of the country that receive a great deal of sunshine throughout the year. This is a very popular green technology that includes the use of panels to collect the sun’s rays and convert it into electricity through a photovoltaic system.
When there is no possible alternative to the existing heating source, it is imperative to use it wisely. There are new thermostats on the market that are programmable. This means that the units can be timed to turn on when people are at home and turn off after everyone has left for the day. Not supplying the house with unnecessary heat throughout the entire day can save up to 10% on each monthly heating bill.
Different Energy Fuel Sources
Depending on oil to power the furnace is not friendly to the environment and can be rather expensive. More and more green technology is leaning on biofuels instead of traditional petroleum products. Biofuels burn much cleaner and emit fewer emissions. Even though it is mixed with oil, biofuels are still a renewable source of energy.
Another way to make the home warmer is to use radiant heating. This is used under flooring to heat the surface and rise through the air. It is an excellent way to cut heating bills as well.
Proper Winterizing Procedures
The best way to get the house ready for winter is to learn winterizing techniques. A homeowner must inspect for any possible leaks or drafts on the exterior of the home. These can be fixed with weather stripping or caulking. It is also important to clean the gutters as well. After all of the leaves have fallen from the trees, it is time to make sure the gutters are free from blockages. When gutters are blocked, water tends to build and backup into the home’s structure. This can lead to problems like mold. Another way to winterize the home is to drain all outside hoses and pipes. It can be a nightmare is water lines break during freezing weather.
There is always a new green technology being developed, which can help the environment, keep the home warm, and save homeowner money. During winter, everyone is willing to try things to lower electricity bills. All of the above tips are effective ways to make the home more efficient and warmer, especially in cold months. Hopefully a person can benefit today and help future generations benefit tomorrow.
Author Bio: William Stevens is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to engineering. This article was written to offer tips on how to keep houses warm this winter and to encourage further study in this field with a Master of Civil Engineering.